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Young 🇮🇹 winemaker on the top of the nearest hill to Verona old town. Discover our red and white wines!
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In Italy there is always something to discover. Here we went with our Donna Francesca to visit San Fruttuoso Abbey in Liguria, north-west Italy. It is amazing to see how in the past they were able to build in so wild places.
Only perfect grapes will be ok for our wines! We finally start to make the first selection into the vineyard. 🍇
Finally, we are preparing the field for the new Valpolicella vineyard. We will surely grow a great cru here! 💪🏼
Finally the veraison! 🍇
A glass of Donna Francesca and seafood... What else? 😎
When will you take part in our vineyards tour? 😎
We are waiting for the veraison. 🍇
Let’s water the new vines dear! First work than aperitiv.. 😎
The weather is fine, not to much rain and not to much dry hot. If everything goes on like now in two months we will be harvesting the first grapes for Amarone and Ripasso. Here we are preparing all the wooden boxes where the grapes will be dried. 🍇
How was your Sunday afternoon? 😎
I left the wine at home but I found an opener forget in my bag. 🇳🇦
Thanks to @paolo.conviviumwine for sharing our Valpolicella Superiore 2012. 🤗