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Young winemaker on the top of the nearest hill to Verona old town. Discover our red and white wines!
🍷 Organic wine
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Waiting for the pruning. ✂️
What’s your favorite pairing with our Valpolicella Superiore? 🍷
This is the Amarone that enter in the new wine cellar. To understand how important is this picture for me imagine that this is the first vintage that I make with a roof over my head. 🍾
Is better to open a new door or a bottle of wine? I suggest to drink the wine just before opening the door. 🤣
These are the rasps just after the pressing. As you can see not many berries are still connected to the rasps. We will give them to our geese that are happy to eat so sweet fruits. 🦆
Thank you @gaetanocosta we are really happy to repost your nice pictures at Fivi. Hope to see you again in the wine cellar for a nice wine tasting. 🤗
These are the dry berries of the grapes just after the first pressing. As you can see also the most is very dry without the normal grape juice. Do you how can we work if the wine is too dry? The first correct answer wins a bottle of wine in our cellar. 🥇
Verona is so fascinating! You can taste our wines, sleep at our farmhouse @cortesanmattia and visit the city. 😉
This is one of the first things we do in the cellar for the Amarone production: we softly press the dry grapes and move the most with particularly soft pumps called peristaltic that can work without cutting or destroying the grapes skins. 🍇
Autumn is the color season! Here the yellows vine leaves are ready to fall down, they are just waiting for the first frozen wind. Do you like autumn? 🍂
Hong Kong wine fair has just passed and we are working for the new contacts in Asia to export our little production there. Cheers to all the eastern wine lovers! ✌🏼
This is the amazons dry grapes pressing. It takes more time that the normal process because dry grapes are difficult to move with the cellar pumps. Do you think that we can do it manually as 100 years ago? 🤓