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Cape is a collection of traditional and modern Moroccan designs 窶「

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Come find us at Hunt and Gather Sunset markets tomorrow from 4pm-8pm and get first dibs on our NEW collection with a Christmas discount 沽 汳・ @_hunt.and.gather_
02/15 窶「 From our first trip to Morocco 汞イ汞ヲ
Hey guys this Saturday we窶冤l be at Hunt and Gather Sunset markets from 4pm-8pm selling our current collection and NEW collection so come down and get your last minute Christmas shopping done 笨ィ泄嬉沍ケ
Cape carpet clutches are all one of a kind pieces and are hand made in Morocco, your not buying just a clutch but also a piece of history 窶「 20% off all clutches 窶「 泄
P i c a s s o  B a b y 泄
Our Mulawan clutch is now 20% off along with our other pieces 窶「 check out 泄
Doors of Marrakesh 汞イ汞ヲ
It窶冱 almost that time of year! CHRISTMAS SALE 20% off EVERYTHING yasss that窶冱 right all fur and carpet clutches are on sale. Get it girl 洟ゥ洟ゥ洟ゥ
A h m a r 笞。ク条泄 It窶冱 that perfect little Christmas present 窶「 available online