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Mother of a stubborn cat 🐱 and an adorable dog 🐢 Β€ Future nurse πŸ’‰ Β€ Not your average captain 🌊 Β€ Fighting πŸ’šπŸŒƒ Β€ Killer Queen πŸ‘‘

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It's raining af here, so I planned a movie night with my family. But at the last minute they all said no. What should be a lovely night watching Inside Out turned to be a sad, lonely night with me watching some Portuguese podcast (that I love πŸ™„) with no one to talk to.
I was already sad, imagine how i am now.
Here with the best mate someone could ask for.
I have your back anytime, bro πŸ‘Š
I'm the queen of the world, bitches!!!
...well,, not really...
This could, very well, be the resume of the last week...and it really is! I can't look to my calculator anymore 😣😱