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Mother of a stubborn cat 🐱 and an adorable dog 🐶 ¤ LG(B)T 🌈 ¤ OHP🏙 ¤ Not your average captain 🌊 ¤ Amateur actress 🎭 ¤ Killer Queen 👑

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"Could I be the one you talk 
About in all your stories 
Can I be him" 👤
"London girl with an attitude 
We never told no one but we look so cute
Both got way better things to do 
But I always think about it when I'm riding through" 👤🌃
Making us all pancakes with hate. A lot of hate. But still turned out good. I'm feeling nothing this afternoon, maybe too empty 😂
"Mama, oh! 
Didn't mean to make you cry. 
If I'm not back again this time tomorrow,
Carry on, carry on. 
As if nothing really matters." 🎹
@gukinder ☁
@monic_17100  love pre post! 👜