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Wiggy Melbourne art out the back of Grumpys
On my way to the motherland after a wiggy time in Aus, next stop Christchurch, NZ! First time playing @electricavenuefestival with @chaseandstatus @dizzierascal @hermitude @truthdubstep @toomanyzooz I窶冦 also playing the after party sounds like a pretty wiggy day to me #wigginainteasy
Halfway through this tour and every show has been just汨 Wiggin really hard this week with 4 shows in Australia and NZ! See you tonight Melbourne, tomorrow Canberra, Saturday Christchurch, we窶决e going full Wiggy 泅泅泅 #wigginainteasy
It窶冱 hereeeeeeeeee! 汨泅汨 Big thanks to @lowtemp_music and the remixers you窶决e some of the best worldlys I know 沽 @stickybuds @lazysyruporchestra @latenightradio @cheshiretunes @pigeon_hole @beatfatigue
Tomorrow 汨
I had some Worldlys remix 窶弋he Worldlys窶 and it窶冱 out this Friday! 泅沽 it窶冱 gonna 汾 great!
Love 汾拱ng on the road but gonna miss my best friend @kitty_kaleny when I窶冦 down under 沽會沽會沽 back real soon
Thank you Van island crew! That窶冱 4/4 maximum wiggyness sold out shows on the Wiggin ain窶冲 easy tour 沽 next stop @earth_frequency festival in Australia it窶冱 gonna be fully sick but泅泅笨茨ク
Wiggin ain窶冲 easy tour week 3 tonight at Song and surf festival, see you soon Van island fam 泅沒ク : @taylorkanary
The wiggin don窶冲 stop! See you this Weekend Port Renfrew/Victoria crew! 泅沽 #wigginainteasy
Thank you Calgary and Edmonton for 2 of the wiggiest shows I窶况e ever played, I mean how can you not have fun when there窶冱 a packed room full of onesies!!? till next time 泅泅泅 #wigginainteasy big love to @averagegypsy @nadadevamusic @thegenesaproject and @astralharvest
Met this legend last week that has the lyrics to my track The Mothership tattooed on their leg, what a champ!