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Don't worry, be happy ❤️ Embrace your weirdness 💥 STOP LABELLING, START LIVING 😘 snapchat: caradevilqueen

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Film by @angelopennetta 
Creative Director and Fashion Editor @kegrand 
Make up @thomasdekluyver 
Hair @akkishirakawa 
Casting @itboygregk @starworksgroup 
Editor and DOP @pablotapiapla
Audio interview @harriet.verney 
Music @smaggheandcross @nathangregorywilkins @oldwalkingman
Where for art thou @derekblasberg sending you my best wishes and kind regards from my alter ego Lady Latex xxx
This is me trying to work on the weekend @cara_delememe_
It’s a DOG (why would you ever) EAT (another) DOG WORLD ❤️
Caption this...
Time is running out!!! Climate change will destroy our planet if we do not do something. Leaders of the world must lead. Please take time to watch and spread this video. I ❤️ you #sirdavidattenborough (on a lighter note, please read me bed time stories)
This Christmas, every second you dare to believe, an angel grants a wish #doitforyou #believeinangels @douglas_cosmetics
Photography by @therealpeterlindbergh #ad
Recess was 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 @attndotcom
Thank you to all those who came today to the @teenvogue summit. Was so proud to be standing on stage with such incredible women. I really hope with help from @puma We can continue to highlight these magnificent women and give them the platform they need. Oh and when I said a little scary, I meant full blown scary. #GOYOUTH #21under21 @biney.biney @dejafoxx @slashedbytia @lilytessamadigan
If you haven’t seen it already, check out episode 3 with the gorgeous and fiercely intelligent @lilytessamadigan who is going to change the world. Go to the link in my bio #21under21
Morning MADNESS #regram @cara_delememe_
Meet 18 year old Olympic speed skater @biney.biney this girl is one of the most magnetic, charming and talented young women I have ever met with a smile that’s completely contagious. Click on the link in my bio to hear her story