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Your career adventure starts here! Mapping effective job search strategies and guiding you to the job you love! ❤️ #yourcareeradventure

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My latest blog post on those experiencing long-term unemployment. Link in bio!
A discussion about informational interviews with a successful job seeker in the first post of my new blog mini-series “Job Seeker Stories”. Link in profile #yourcareeradventure
Thanks @cincychicmag for interviewing me for your latest issue on how I help people have a successful job search and land a great job! Link to article in bio!
Check out my latest career blog post on developing your Personal Value Proposition. Link in bio!
I loved putting this gift bag together for a new local client. Lots of fun career exploration work to do together with Melanie! #yourcareeradventure
My favorite co-worker and I wrapping up soon to enjoy the long weekend! #yourcareeradventure
The most fundamental advice I can offer all job seekers is to try and find these three elements in combination. That’s when work doesn’t feel like work but, rather, your natural strengths and interests being put into motion #yourcareeradventure
In the recruitment world, January is "moving month," the month during which the highest number of people change jobs according to LinkedIn data. Have you been waiting for a sign to make a move? The time to gear up is now! #yourcareeradventure
I love learning from other #entrepreneurs! #yourcareeradventure Anderson Area Chamber of Commerce #sales #socialmediamarketingtips
One of the perks working from my home office. The view 🦌🍂🍁🌲🐿
Job searching doesn't have to be a nightmare! Treat (don't trick!) yourself to the job search guidance you need so recruiters stop ghosting 👻 you! Check out my services!  Link in bio #yourcareeradventure 🎃
I had a meeting today where talent acquisition and job seeking was discussed. We talked about the employer perspective and candidate perspective. The person I met with said "I love your energy!" It made me think, when we are talking about, and doing work, that we care about, how can we NOT exude energy??!! It was such a nice reminder and an observation I truly appreciated! Would someone remark about your energy (positive energy) pertaining to your work? If not, think about how and where you can tap into your energy! If you're not energized about the work you're doing, you may be in the wrong field.  #yourcareeradventure #energy