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Here’s to a more progressive and compassionate Ireland ❤️
#repealedthe8th *Artwork by @jasminedowling
Today is the day! Remember not to wear any of your Pro-choice merch to the polling station. Remove all jumpers, badges and bags while you vote and then you can happily wear them after 💪🏻 Let’s do this Ireland!

Animation @voteforwomen_ie
On the eve of the Vote I am not gonna lie, I am really looking forward to this referendum being over. It has been a long few months. Intense, draining, emotionally challenging and full of difficult but necessary conversations; let’s hope, come Saturday, it will all be worth it.

Tomorrow, we get the opportunity to change Ireland for the better and I will be proudly voting Yes to Repeal the 8th Amendment, because let’s face it, after 35 years we know that the 8th does not work. Ireland has failed so many women in crisis and it needs to stop. 
The reality is that the referendum is not about whether we should have abortion or not in Ireland. Abortion is already here. And it is necessary. Repealing the 8th amendment is about choice and Repealing the 8th amendment is about healthcare - complete, compassionate and essential, much needed healthcare for women who do and do not want to be pregnant. This referendum is about ensuring that women have access to this healthcare if and when they need it. 
If you are considering voting no tomorrow please know that all a no vote secures is retaining the status quo. Women travelling, women taking risks, women dying. Voting no makes assumptions that a no vote will change something - it won’t. 9 women a day will still continue to travel abroad to access abortion services. 3 women a day will continue to take illegal abortion pills they have ordered online; unsafe, unregulated, alone and in fear. Countless women with cancer, MS, disabilities, will continue to be denied treatment that is so crucial and necessary to their life and healthcare. Women and children that have been raped will continue to be forced to carry their pregnancies under current legislation. 
Families that will receive a devastating diagnosis about their much wanted pregnancy will continue to have no choice other than to carry to full term regardless of their wishes. The list goes on. History continues to repeat itself. And this will not change. Nothing will change if we do not Repeal the 8th. 
For any woman that has ever had a crisis pregnancy of ANY kind, my yes is for you. (Continued in comments).
👋🏼 Monday 
New work for @confettimagazine 🥂
Happy Easter 🐰 Hope you’re all enjoying the long weekend 🙌🏻
Celebrating women not just today but every damn day! Happy International Women’s Day ❤️💛💚💙💜
Working on a mix of personal and client work today. These blooms ☝🏼are for a personal illustration I’m excited to have finally started. It’s gonna take a while but can’t wait to share some progress shots 💐
Sentiment for this month 👆🏻 Going through a phase of hating all my work and feel that for my sanity I need to carve some time out from my client work and the other two jobs I work (💁🏻‍♀️) to create some personal pieces that I really care about and that feel somewhat important, well important to me anyway. Because really I’m a typical “artist” at heart and there’s no escaping it. So yeah, basically expect lots of new and different vibe illustrations coming to my Insta feed verrrryy soon (well in the next month anyway) ✌🏻👽✌🏻
(Overexposed) Mondrian ❤️ #latergram
Instagram: Feeling cultured and smug in London.  Reality: Monday. Home. Tired. It’s still January 😑
Throwing shade 🌚
New week, old drawings 🍃