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Celebrating women not just today but every damn day! Happy International Women’s Day ❤️💛💚💙💜
Working on a mix of personal and client work today. These blooms ☝🏼are for a personal illustration I’m excited to have finally started. It’s gonna take a while but can’t wait to share some progress shots 💐
Sentiment for this month 👆🏻 Going through a phase of hating all my work and feel that for my sanity I need to carve some time out from my client work and the other two jobs I work (💁🏻‍♀️) to create some personal pieces that I really care about and that feel somewhat important, well important to me anyway. Because really I’m a typical “artist” at heart and there’s no escaping it. So yeah, basically expect lots of new and different vibe illustrations coming to my Insta feed verrrryy soon (well in the next month anyway) ✌🏻👽✌🏻
(Overexposed) Mondrian ❤️ #latergram
Instagram: Feeling cultured and smug in London.  Reality: Monday. Home. Tired. It’s still January 😑
Throwing shade 🌚
New week, old drawings 🍃
Been stuck at my desk all day (looks nothing like this 😏) in the hopes of getting all my not so fun work stuff done so that I can start on some long overdue new prints and personal work! I’ve so many ideas that have transpired into lists on every surface imaginable and I just can’t bloody wait to get going on them and create some new work that I feel is really indicative of me and the things I actually care about! Like I said, it’s long overdue! ANYWAY Happy Friday everyone, have a great weekend✌🏻
Can you just wake me up when January’s over please!? Great, thanks 😴
Plan for the day: starting a new book and not moving off the couch for a solid few hours. Sundays 🙌🏻
Ugh January can be an awful month so I’ve booked the first of many adventures this year to keep me sane! This illustration from my recent project with @confettimagazine seemed fitting!😎 Hope you’re all having a good start to the new year 💕
Happy New Year everyone 💕 Sentiment for 2018☝🏼excited about this one ✌🏼