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Day two of creativity @riverdaleestate__yercaud_india we picked, processed, roasted, fermented, hulled and prepared some unique coffees for 2018 for you all. Some special lots coming your way ....
Welcome to @riverdaleestate__yercaud_india 🇮🇳 the next four days we set out to bring you a whole new way to look at coffees from this great country three years we have been working this passionate team and so proud of the progress.
@cetras thank you for capturing moments in life at our head quarters ... #geelong
What’s an opportunity to visit Vietnam’s finest #oolong farms for #teamasterscup this week we look forward to sharing these teas with you next week. @teamastersvietnam @teamasterscup_au
GESHA - LACTIC  Legendary pico lot was processed as a Lactic fermentation coffee, @lapalmayeltucan team attempts to achieve a higher concentration of Lactic Acid bacteria during the coffee fermentation processes, by focusing on anaerobic methods. they believe that with this low oxygen contents this type of bacteria produces Lactic acid as a result of the mucilage´s carbohydrate fermentation, which in turn contributes to the organoleptic profile of the resulting cup. The intended profile is to allow the genetic to be predominant, since they don’t’ want to overcome this, but contribute to an intense, very sweet, coffee with winey acidity and a velvety body that results from the higher lactic acid content present in the cup.
Delicious new blend available now ... come down and support the locals #littlemalopstreet 🌟 this weekend join us for a filter, whisky or delicious wine.
Perfect day for brewing suns out we have a couple of interesting cups for you try the sundried natural Guatemala it’s a fruit Bomb.
When a legend comes to town @jibbijug @jibbilittle what a personality loved having you in🙌
Our office is open all weekend see you soon on the bar we have a couple of lovely little sneaky selections for you.
Last night #geelong represented with some serious Bar skills @the_18th_amendment_bar #espressomartini competition we were blown away by the level of professionalism imagination and creativity and the turn out was impressive for Geelong’s first serious cocktail competition. To all the competitors 🙌 big respect and thank you for choosing our coffees to compete with we are honored. And thank you again to the sponsors for helping making it a cracking event.
Proud of these legends 🙌 @thepickersunion for taking out some pretty special awards @goldenplateawards 🌟🌟🌟
@humans_drink_coffee getting ready for the count down @coffee_physics thank you for installation .. these guys are gong to be pouring such a beautiful blend filter and singles ...