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ISpecial offering from @lapalmayeltucan one of Colombia’s most skilled & exciting coffee producers, We are offering one of the most unique profiles in our exotic collections The #SIDRA LACTIC as a special this week. Through the BKON technology you can taste Sidra that is a cross of Red Bourbon and Typica varieties a beautiful natural mutation evolving from mother nature over many amazing years and technically processed with skill that is undoubtably cutting edge in the coffee world. 
This coffee not only produces complexity shown by very few exotic varietals though enhanced levels of complexity is also pronounced by the skilled producers and there unique and clever processing methods. We offer this coffee with respect and honesty from our very good friends at @lapalmayeltucan #Colombia  and hope you enjoy it as much as we do.
Our second round of experimental coffee lots is going to be available next week and for a short time online. We managed to learn a valuable lesson in fermentation with Producer Prakasham from @riverdaleestate__yercaud_india its interesting having spent three years of understanding these coffees a little better the current varietal selection 9 suits the natural process very well its dense cellular structure of the cherry 🍒 holds quite a lot of mucilage which proves for a super sweet cup after short and long periods of fermentation. Check them out if your interested to serve them in your cafe as guest singles we would love to chat.
Weekend sessions on the rotation we present you with specials from Kenya & panama. These lots you can learn about from our weekly news letter. The Peaberry, known in Spanish as caracolillo, is a type of coffee bean. Normally the fruit of the coffee plant contains two seeds that develop with flattened facing sides, but sometimes only one of the two seeds is fertilized, and the single seed develops with nothing to flatten it. This oval bean is known as peaberry.  Our Kenyan 🇰🇪 each year has pronounced plums and chocolate this particular lot is outstanding and we love sharing it with you.
What were choosing for this week Sugar  Hill Blend in our house grinder all weekend, extra fruity due to the @riverdaleestate__yercaud_india #experimental72hr #rosé. S/O offerings, we will be serving a #washed Kenyan (PB) #ngunguru #nyeri . You can find all of these stunning selections on our website! Or contact our sales department for more information .. have a great weekend. 
We also have a super exciting offering for @beanhunter offering this week so make sure you get online and support.
We have been brewing teas and coffees @australianteaexpo showcasing teas and coffees all around the world. Thank you for joining our classes on bridging the gap between coffee & tea an insight to the similarity of both industry’s
Join us a fine foods this 10th to 12 September at Australian Tea Expo where we will be brewing a range of legendary teas and coffees and also be holding workshops on Bringing the gap between specialty tea and coffee with  @nathanjamesjohnston ..We have so many good reasons to not only serve the finest coffees though combine that with world class specialty teas and it’s the perfect combination for sustainability.. The Australian International Tea Expo will be joining forces with Fine Food Australia, 10 - 12 September 2018!

Tea enthusiasts will connect face-to-face with some of the most respected names in the industry. 
This is the prime destination to explore the latest trends, experience global coffee and tea culture, compare and taste teas, connect with suppliers, buy quality tea and learn all about it.

Discover, taste, shop, and experience all things tea!

Discover and experience tea
Ignite your passion for tea
Educate yourself about tea
Explore tea trends
Immerse yourself in the cultural diversity of 🍵 and ☕️
When things are done with class and elegance.. @specialistespresso 🙏 We love working with professionals and we have another set of custom machines finished for some of the finest restaurants in our region @alma_geelong this machine will find its home. We understand fine restaurants coffee consumption is not about volume though purely about quality these guys have spent the last year serving our fine filter selections though will now serve our exotic line up of Gesha and rare coffees as there espresso line up to complement what they do best 🙌 enjoy.
Great morning cupping some crazy flavoursome new lots coming in this year. Join us Friday’s for our public cuppings.
Father’s Day special 🙏 #yamazaki12 and #geshavillage filter available all day tomorrow come in and say hi sip relax take time and enjoy.
It’s been a massive week thanks for all the support with our exotic coffees and not forgetting the fact we are pouring some of the best naturals in both coffee and wine this week by the glass  @theotherright 🍷 ☕️ and you know what’s been happening with our coffee selection 💥
Another experiment landed slow pulped Cherry 🍒 rested for 3 days in holding chambers and dried for 15 days in direct sunlight. Perfect opportunity to test out quality processing.
We have just cupped and agreed upon your next super exclusive @beanhunter subscription with coffee we know your going to absolutely enjoy it’s flawless flavors and interesting characters make it perfect to enjoy In the mail. We originally were keeping this for competition though think it’s quite deserving for the subscription. Enjoy from the farmers @riverdaleestate__yercaud_india This coffee was picked carefully starting early morning by seasoned professional hand pickers the idea for this micro-lot came about as an experiment starting at 1650 masl selective picking was active all day until the the evening where coffee was sorted visually for defects. The coffee then goes into the flotation tanks and is filled three separate times for one hour to remove the floaters ( insect damage, dead & singular beans ) once they have been removed the full cherry coffee undergoes our experimental processing.

The full cherry is separated into specific lots and an application of carefully selected Rose yeast from the french Loire Valley is added to the holding chambers letting the temperature fluctuate for just the right amount of time. After the coffee has settled it is then washed and cleaned again in spring water and dried on raised beds at no more than 1 inch for a further 25 days 10 in sun and 15 in shade. The outcome is quite surprising and you can now try and enjoy at Cartel and with our legendary wholesale customers.