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Ice cold long blacks just got real some special little #Gesha selections from #benchmaji this week 🙏
This Natural Processcoffee grown in Southern Ethiopian this specialty lot comesfrom The Hafursa Cooperative was established in 1975 and

joined the Yirgacheffe Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union (YCFCU) in 2002, an umbrella organization established to

support a sustainable coffee supply from co-ops in the Gedeo

ethnic region of Ethiopia. Hafursa currently has 893 members

located in the Yirgacheffe District It clearly shows pristine processing as its lovely clean balanced acid shows strait up in the cup we look forward to sharing this little stunner with you all.
Each day we push every boundary on offer today we have a lovely Gesha from @lapalmayeltucan a special selection from @sweetlatitudecoffee a unique offering from @bm_bnt and a sample cupping of Kenyans enjoy 🙌
@longmilescoffee cupping tomorrow join us 10am you know the deal the coffees are special #boom they are all naturals roasters welcome Burundi's finest ....
Our single origin varietal  longberry from Sumatra is absolutely is stunning this available in the @bkoncraftbrewer_frankeaus as a filter brew or espresso and with milk available for refills and retail.
We Are very proud over the coming weeks to offer this exclusive coffee from From @sweetlatitudecoffee a gold mine to a coffee estate
Don Hernando Hernández called his farm “El Mister” after a very particular event about the land where his farm is located. The legend tells that more than 150 years ago, this land used to be a gold mine where an “American” extracted the precious metal and exported it to the Unites Stated. The American passed away in Colombia and his body was buried in the mine. Consequently, locals started to call the region “The Mister’s tomb”. Available next week 🙏🙌
New coffees landed make sure you keep up to date online we are also have a public cupping this Saturday 10am with new seasons coffees...
As the weather starts to warm we relaunch our purebrew to all through our wholesale partners and our legendary customers each week we select one of our grand cru singles it's a treat so enjoy this week we have a longberry from Sumatra 🙏 it's a carefully selected fullywashed then sundried for 15 days carefully monitored and then cold brewed with virgin water for 48 stunning hours by Malcolm the Jedi brewer
Australia Roasters get prepared its that's exciting time again 🙌
@longmilescoffee prepare the 
Long Miles Coffee Project Cupping from Burundi 
Thursday Sept 21 at 4pm
At Sensory Lab 701 Lorimor St  Port Melbourne

Thursday Sept 28 at 3pm
At Garçon by The Little Marionette
1 Dagal Way Glebe

This year we are so excited as the quality and we look forward to sharing @longmilesben @longmilescoffee
Experience minimalistic complex stunning, attention to absolute every detail #Japan 🙏 @green_brewing
@takamitsutakahashi thank you for your humble service #koffeemameya first stop 🙏 #tokyo coffee crawl with @reformatorycoffeelab @svillamizara @felipesardi_ari @nathanjamesjohnston ( me ) haha @lapalmayeltucan 🙌
Researching local coffee farms here in #kintamani where we are focused on learning more about the local producers and providing methods. We have previously purchased naturals from here each year though look forward to more of the experimental lots in the near future.