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2018 experimental lots for our company were completed today at @riverdaleestate__yercaud_india the following exciting lots available next year 2019 .
. - cider processing - pineapple 🍍 processing - watermelon 🍉 - honey 🍯 - 72 hour fermentation
- fully washed ( detailed ) these are all independent processes that involve both science and creativity also 
The commitment this year from all involved in the @handpickers training program elevated our appreciation for farming producers and the amount of work that goes into your cup of coffee. Our dedication to fa awareness and training is a commitment to the industry we love and breath all the way from paying the premium for fair well processed coffee to presenting them with our committed staff who day in day our share the story of the projects we work with . #cartelroasters #handpickers
#purebrew it’s that kind of day we are proud to sell this winner freshly batched and bottled. Our retail is super strong and look forward to sharing lots from #elsalvador🇸🇻 #ethiopia🇪🇹 #kenya🇰🇪 #honduras🇭🇳 #colombia🇨🇴 #guatemala🇬🇹 #Indonesia and a load of new seasonal blends. Our exotic range is freshly stocked and prepared for gifts and personal pleasure. Enjoy this wonderful warm weekend.
Festive season is upon us and with the help and support of @lapalmayeltucan who we have been working with for the past 5 years. This year not only will we run one legendary #gesha but 5 gesha’s natural, lactic 😊plus Sidra lots and the famous #neighboursandcrops program lots for the month of December.  This is a little present from us to say thank you for all your support through 2018 We have enjoyed working with the best producers around the globe year in and out, this is our time to just say a big thank you. 🙏❤️🙌 #cartelroasters #heroseries  #lapalmayeltucan #handpickers
So proud ! Winning Best overall “Cold Brew “ what a competition and great fun night thank you @proudmarycoffee for holding The PMC cold brew throw down it was  a super fun event where all members of the community, brewers, barista’s, roasters and coffee hobbyists come together as competitors to sample unique cold brew, share stories about sourcing coffee and the true flavour while competing for 1st prize or people’s choice!

This year was a game changer in the coffee industry, the innovators who practice social responsibility, and brewers who are keen to unlock true flavour with their cold brew of choice. We used a unique real honey fermentation coffee processed with real honey and then roasted by @ghb87  with help from @the_jedi_roaster with coffee from @riverdaleestate__yercaud_india and we’re so proud to show case responsible sustainability program that allows farmers and producers to grow sustainable in this industry by paying the right price for good coffee well processed coffee and having community awareness. Holding events like this help the whole industry. Legends to all who entered respect #coldbrew #purebrew #cartelroasters
Thank you india @riverdaleestate__yercaud_india and @handpickers ... what an experience to be apart of this approach to appreciating coffee on all levels from the producers point of view and the challenges of weather, employers, communities, logistics. To understanding and appreciating farming on its levels to practically managing healthy crops and the challenges each year to disease prevention and management to ripe picking and how hard it is in reality seeing four people over 3 hours only manage to pick 28 kg of cherry. The course also takes an real industry snapshot of its current position in the speciality market and its continuous growth restraints in this lovely developing country. .. watch out for the documentary coming soon. #cartelroasters
Here is a short film that allows you to appreciate where we buy our coffee from @riverdaleestate__yercaud_india India .
Moments in a coffee movement in India. Here are the families the workers #handpickers @riverdaleestate__yercaud_india that have humbly allowed us to witness first hand the support the project has allowed for them to grow as a professionals in a challenging industry. Respect to this project that we have been involved with for 5 years now and thank you for allowing the @handpickers program come to life with the guidance of Prakash and legends @josiecoffee @coteterracoffee @midorinagataofficial and my good friend and operations main man @the_jedi_roaster who have all helped support excellence in understanding the hard work involved processing fine coffee.
Welcome to sourcing great coffee at @riverdaleestate__yercaud_india and all the people involved here running the farm we are here helping with the very exciting @handpickers coffee training and education program to appreciate all the hard work that goes into the cup you drink. Sourcing fine coffee takes a great deal of work from a group of great hard working individuals. We thank you.
It's the hard work that makes a difference ! It's having standards and making the right choices! It's training and awareness to ensure quality. The pursuit of excellence! Welcome to the world of sourcing great coffee especially from @riverdaleestate__yercaud_india #cartelroasters #handpickers
We have quite the opportunity for you to not only taste and purchase an amazing range of prestigious @geshavillage lots of this first ever Gesha Village Estate coffee auction and our own personal private lots from the auction that were meticulously selected by a dedicated team of cuppers in the coffee laboratory in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, and conducted using the official protocols of the Specialty Coffee Association. All auction lots passed through at least 6 consecutive cupping rounds before becoming eligible for the Gesha Village Estate coffee auction. We are proud to offer a range of them in house and with our wholesale customers. So also get online have a look and enjoy these prestige coffees #geshavillage #cartelroasters #exoticcoffee #bonsai #bonsaitree #geshacoffee
We welcome you to try some of the best coffees in Ethiopia .. washed honey and natural.. we have a serious roasting program for filter stove top & espresso contact us for more information...
Are you ready for the most honest coffees in the whole of India .. let’s show the world what @riverdaleestate__yercaud_india has achieved in just three years ..