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23. "You're just what I need"
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it's not even my birthday
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sad baby.
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Dear all,
To you I am thankful. My music usually start off with me and my guitar in my room. One thought turns into an idea turns into a melody turns into an emotion, turns into lyrics, turns into a song. Then it goes from one person to the next and then to everyone. But you didn't even hear the song yet, still you all came and showed your love and support. Together we made something beautiful and amazing and I cannot wait for you all to see it. I know I am very weird and very very loud in person and I normally don't talk to people I don't know because frankly, it scares me. But I am grateful for each and every one of you, from the lady in red, to the guy who ate all the banana's. Thank you everyone for joining me, crew, sponsors, stand-ins, make-up, photographers, I love you all.
Joker just put me on acid
1996 style on top of style
been dabbing since 2002
i was always focused on you