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Great to be home from our holiday and straight into trekking with the alpacas. #Somerset #alpaca trekking #alpaca #alpacas #fundays
Looking at you looking at me
For once I get to walk my own alpaca, Hilda.  #alpacawalking  #alpacas #alpacasuri
Hilda & Mahogany just chilling.  #alpacaschilling #alpacas  #paddlingpool #
Lovely trekking at Cary Alpacas so far this week. Lovely alpacas, lovely people, lovely weather and more to come before the week is over. #alpacas #alpacatreking #alpacaexperience
Mahogany enjoying some willow
The lovely people just keep on coming to meet the alpacas ❤️🦙
A lovely American family holidaying in the area with family. What better way to spend a sunny afternoon than with Cary Alpacas
Another visit from some Chernobyl children. They are a pleasure to welcome to Cary Alpacas. They enjoyed hand feeding, walking and hosing down the alpacas. #Chernoboylchildrenslifeline #alpacas #cutealpacas #Sunnyday #alpacahosing
More Cary Alpaca Experiences this week. Keeping to the fields and off the tarmac due to the high temperatures
Some lovely Alpaca Experiences over the last few days. The weather was lovely, the countryside colourful and the people ere all good company ❤️🦙
Not forgetting the celebration of Honey’s 11th Birthday today with her friends & family.