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Gifts from Newfoundland - Percy and Annabeth drawing from Christina and all the JamJams I can eat😍
My loves. My besties. My rocks. My sisters.
@isabelle_willixms posted it first but that's okay😽
I've been at Mount A for 6 weeks now... how did that happen?? #throwback
Breath. Some days are just hard. And that's okay.
My beautiful little goddaughter is 2 today🎉💕 Happy birthday Miss Lexie Jane! I miss that smile so much and can't wait to give you the biggest hug Christmas time. Love you with my whole heart😘
Photo: @michellenewhook
How am I suppose to do all my readings for class when I picked up this baby today❤️❤️
The only thing I hate about University so far? Being away from my baby girl💕
Last night in Newfoundland was well spent. Now, it's off to the Mainland for four months💙💙
They're alright sometimes❤️
Wave over wave💙