Casey Johnston
Man In Nike Shirt // Snapseed added curves and I FEEL SO ALIVE
I think about this trip from a year-ish ago more days than not, but especially about this park. I wasn't even expecting to stop there, didn't know it was there, but it was my first night of car camping, the first time I saw the Milky Way, but also mostly a surprise giant thousand-foot-high beautiful pink/red/orange/purple sheer rock face that I climbed to the top of and sat on the edge of and I only have nightmares about the rock sliding loose and me falling to my death once in a while. A very hipster choice for favorite national park, and I think it is mine so far
it gets dark too early
mom always gets her shot
large adult sun
I only have one shirt
Here I Am
if you come here at sunset and stand in this exact spot, a security guard will yell at you to get your bike out of the parking lot