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four minutes to midnight, the only thing I wanted to take home from the bodega was not for sale 😭 📷: @chezseamus
my phone saves these as selfies affirming that it is my most basic time of year, I hope you can deal
this account is for seeing the three times a year I really beat my face and issue a Buy rating to highlighter, again
Send me back Saturday am I right
mfw you tell me I get a single Motrin for this shit 
Bless @am2dm for having me on, link to the whole segment in my bio ⏰
me in my natural habitat, doing what comes best to me // 📷: @chezseamus
when the 90s jumps out
what if all this time every photo I’ve ever posted, like this one, was actually a picture of a cat
this months weather in a nutshell
*surveys the scene, prepares to issue forth an assessment, clears throat, braces diaphragm* sport
just blending in with my peers 🏝 co-produced, wardrobe provided by @chezseamus
September 1 👨‍👧‍👧