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Perfect hidden spot to make love🥰😍
#Honda #Fireworks  #friendshipday2019
Last 3 days were amazing in New York, #cashaa is exactly what business in crypto industry were looking from years. Staying here till Saturday to bring closure to the discussion started at consensus. If you wanna meet now ping me up.
#elephant ride #Thailand
After a long time India freely talked about crypto regulation. Looking forward to bring the movement of money to 1.3 Billion people #crypto #bitcoin #bsi2019 #cashaa
Special thanks to Ministry of science & technology, GOI and Govt of UP to supporting the #Blockchain2030 initiative to making India a #blockchain capital.
Inaugural speech of #BSI2019, Vision Blockchain 2030. Great initiative and glad to see that efforts by Indian government and Supreme Court are both working towards bringing crypto policies to open the future of money to 1.3 Billion people.
#lockbridge #love #Stopover
#IT minister of Telangana is one of the Indian hero’s making India digital superpower. Presenting him secure phone with same technology which is protecting G7 countries military forces and secret service departments. By Feb 2019 bringing this technology to meet the individuals need of protecting crypto and digital assets. #Make in India
#bella reception #lovethishotel❤️ 😍 #vegas #sincity
Wonderful sun in Nov, ride through Amsterdam canals are the best way to enjoy it. On 11th I am speaking at “Blockchain for society”. See you soon!!
Talking about #Cashaa vision at  #money2020 #bbvaopeninnovation