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Im the girl with the Violin🎻I play with @ArijitSingh🎵my cats live in #nashville but my home is on the road
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I just realized today that this is probably the longest time in which I haven’t made a post (over 2 weeks, not counting stories). Im ok with it (hope you guys are too) because in the last 2-3 weeks I have had some of the most incredible personal and professional experiences of my life... and I guess this means I kept my nose out of my phone while living it :) I will recap ASAP. For now... this photo was clicked just after playing SSE Wembley Arena in London with @arijitsingh ... 12k people sold out... a dream.
Again, with the pants. ·
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I found my wings somewhere above the Atlantic.  #colettemillerwings
Rock n roll is ALIVE🔥BLOOD RED NAILS ON HER FINGERTIPS 💅🏻🔥 Pink jorts and all no messin around ... Hear me?! 🤘🏻
Rose colored glasses or Jack Daniels? The choice is... not clear :) 🥃 Fun with 📷: @jacquelinerose1
Oldie but a goodie 😻 very young! always loved this shot! Happy Sunday Night!
Can’t wait to show you my tiger cub 🐯🎻 #Violin #violinist
Love awaits you... so go put on your lipstick! 📷: @emphasisfilms  #lipstickday with #NARS #Bette #narsbette
LINK IN BIO 🎻 tag everyone!!! Please check out the article in @stringsmagazine about my time in India touring with superstar @arijitsingh and his incredible band. I am grateful to have been asked to write a "Letter from India" piece about my experiences touring abroad. The tour is one of the coolest things I've ever done and of course, It's always an honor to be included in Strings...I read and was inspired by it as a kid! This time, the article is the August issue, my birthday month :) I am quite pleased with my gifts this year :)
Hope you enjoy.... please comment, ask questions, share... look forward to hearing from you :) Thank you again to Strings Magazine for the feature and @jittogeorge for the incredible photos :)
Happy Birthday @ericfloresmusic !!! We almost look like ... a band!?!? Here you can see some pretty accurate depictions of our interactions 🤣 Can you guys tell that I miss my #bandfam from @therealbigsmo days??? The family you make in a band on the road is like nothing else in the world... that’s for sure!!!! Eric, hope you’re listening to some seriously nerdy music today.
Still dying over this #blue ... can we talk about how Greece is blessed by God??? #ellada #greece #zakynthos #shipwreckbeach #navagio
What many don’t know. This makes a lot of things in my life so much harder, but it doesn’t stop me from anything. ⬅️swipe for the inside. 💚I was diagnosed with severe #scoliosis when I was 10. By the time I was 13 I was in a hard shell body brace 23 hours a day. I stayed in it for longer than I can remember, and then I slept in it every night late into my teens. I hated every second of it. (Except when @marleegayle tricked people into trying to punch me in the stomach. That was fun) I never had to have the surgery, although I am only a few degrees from requiring it. When I had my brace I only ever knew of one other girl who had scoliosis (she had the surgery) and to this day I still have only met one other girl who had a brace like me. Now because of girls getting involved and supporting each other on social media (and in real life with chapter meetings too!!!) there is a whole network of women connected like I never imagined before. It’s #scoliosisawareness month these chicks challenged us all to post a picture and a message. It took me 15 years and the whole month of June to post this... I’ve said no to a thousand photos of the wrong angle of my back and a thousand tops and dresses too. I’ve been so embarrassed. But I don’t want anyone in my position to ever be embarrassed. Ever. I had to do it to show my thanks and support for those girls out there supporting each other. It would have made a world of difference to me back then (it still does, now) and I want to thank you ladies for standing up and helping each other. Sometimes I get angry and feel like my body has failed me when pain takes over. But then I realize that I can manage anything, I just have to focus. And do #Pilates Photo taken on a video shoot in Italy 📷: @aba_official at one of the most beautiful stages on the planet. Not bad, eh?