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Check out our park featured in the #inventyouradventure video. Go follow @castateparks to learn how to participate this Black Friday!
Who caught the rainbow this morning?? What a rare and awesome sight to see over the ocean! #inventyouradventure #castateparkssd #castateparks
6am finds.
Last year, we encouraged people to get outside for Black Friday weekend and reconnect with loved ones and the outdoors. We started a campaign, #InventYourAdventure, to see how people created their own adventures in our parks. 
This year, we want to not just see your amazing photos and videos, but for you to tell us the story behind them as well.

Every Adventure has a Story. What's yours?

Find out how to join us at
May be a bit cloudy out, but that also means less people out. Enjoy the serenity. #inventyouradventure #castateparkssd #castateparks
Join us this Black Friday in the CA State Parks! We see you in adventuring in our parks, but now we want to hear from YOU! This Black Friday Season tell us your stories that have happened in our parks and post on Instagram, because Every Adventure has a Story.

Go to your favorite park between November 24th-November 26th, 2017 and create a 60 second video or post a photo with your story in the caption.  Instead of the usual shopping and traffic, go out and tell your tale. If you do not have a story in our parks, go out and make one and tell us how you are creating new stories at the CA State Parks. 
How it works:
1. Visit your favorite park or one that you go to frequently from November 24th-26th, 2017.

2. Create a new post on Instagram that tells us personal story of why that park is important to you. The post can either be a 60 second video telling the story or a photo with the story in the caption. Only one entry per user.

3. Follow @CAStateParks and @EagleCreek on Instagram and use the hashtags #InventYourAdventure #CAStateParks #EagleCreek

4. The CA State Parks #InventYourAdventure team will then pick the six most creative stories throughout California.

5. All six winners will win an Eagle Creek travel backpack worth over $200.00!

We want to hear the tale of your proposal, the funniest moment of the day, the camping adventure, or any memorable moment that all happened in the CA State Parks. Better starting thinking of where you will go this Black Friday Season! #castateparks #inventyouradventure #eaglecreek
Torrey Pines after sunset. #castateparks #castateparkssd #inventyouradventure
Last day of one of the biggest Dia de los Muertos celebrations at Old Town State Historic Park. Don't miss it!
Dia de los Muertos is going on in Old Town State Historic Park. Be sure to check it out! (📷: @toddgloria) #castateparkssd #castateparks #inventyouradventure
Milky way views from San Elijo State Beach. (📷:@mikemduong) #castateparkssd #castateparks #inventyouradventure
Torrey Pines panoramic views never disappoint. (📷:@mcando) #inventyouradventure #castateparkssd #castateparks
Sunset was a bit dark due to the clouds, but that didn't stop us from enjoying it! #southpontoinstameet #castateparkssd #castateparks #inventyouradventure