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We ❤️ cats! Founded in 1998, CAT is the largest nonprofit cat-only shelter in the Pacific NW. Sherwood, OR. Follow our @catthriftstore. #CATalumni

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Meet Eliza, our chubby tabby queen! Eliza loves to brush her beautiful fur, have long conversations about her day, and when she's extra happy, to show you her very cute belly! Eliza is 10 years young with plenty of love to give, so come and adopt her today 💜
Hi! We are two pretty lady best friends who would love to spend forever in your home. Wouldn't you like us to hang out on your couch with you? 🛋
Hawthorne and Tybearius traveled all the way from #houston to come get adopted at the shelter! If you're looking for some kitten friends, these two are hard to beat. Thank you to @ajl_houston for getting them here safely!
#tbt Can you believe it's been almost a year since Whisker Wonderland 2016? We're very excited for this year's event! Tickets are selling fast, so if you're thinking about coming please get your's soon!

Special shout out to Americana Frame for the very cute table signs - they were purrfect!
The Great White sure knows how to ask for a treat! #liveeveryweeklikeitssharkweek
Glitter has a lot to say on this rainy day! She hopes everyone is staying warm and dry inside! 🌧
This handsome bloke is Garfield. Pictured here receiving acupuncture therapy thanks to Dr. Barkley at @catcarepros 
Garfield has a hyperesthesia, which causes his skin to spasm, and he will attack his own tail. It could be due to past trauma, allergies, or spinal cord disease. So far, he has had x-rays and a skin treatment along with some medication. We hope that acupuncture will help him feel more comfortable too.
GREAT NEWS!! Fawn, our resident long time queen bee, has finally found her furrever home! She was adopted by one of our amazing volunteers and is already settling into life at home. We wish Fawn and her new mom the very best! 😻😻
Exciting news! @JacksonGalaxy has a new book TOTAL CAT MOJO: The Ultimate Guide to Life with Your Cat coming out on 10/31. #TotalCatMojo covers everything you need to know to truly understand your cats’ behavior and build better relationships with them. As you may know, CAT has worked with the Jackson Galaxy Foundation to provide enrichment opportunities for the cats in our shelter, and we love all the great ways to keep cats’ minds active here and at home. 
Pre-order your copy today and you’ll receive a special bonus. Learn more at 
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It may already be October, but we still have A LOT of super cute kittens available for adoption at the shelter! Take a break from your rainy day and swing by for some kitten love - maybe you'll even take one home! 😻
Mandarin has the right idea for this rainy Thursday! 💤🌧
Our newest arrivals from @kittenrescuela arrived last night! They were very excited about the fuzzy wand toy this AM ☀️