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We ❤️ cats! Founded in 1998, CAT is the largest nonprofit cat-only shelter in the Pacific NW. Sherwood, OR. Follow our @catthriftstore. #CATalumni

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Please welcome Pocket Fawn to our flat cat family! She'll go on some cool adventures and see if she can help get her regular size counterpart adopted.
The kitty stork brought us a present! Calliope and her babies will be snuggled up safe and sound at their foster home for the next two months 😻#whiskerwednesday
If you adopt Rowan there is a high likelihood of getting snuggles like these everyday! 😻😻
Wowza - Tortuga is one pretty lady! Come meet her and all of the other available kittens at the shelter when we open today at noon 😻
Hope you enjoyed the #eclipse! Our very own Catman Bob made some special viewing glasses 😹
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Check out this super cute cat cake that one of our staff members made today! It's modeled after a real cat (including his @sweetpicklesdesigns bow tie!) and full of triple chocolate happiness 😍🍰
Happy #caturday from little miss Fawn and her adorably colored toes!

Run don't walk to the shelter to meet her! We open at noon and she'd love to go home where she's surrounded by grown humans who let her strut her stuff without expectation of much more than a few pats and looks of adoration :)
Look who left the building!

Congratulations to Izzy, Shrew, Leonard, and all the black cats and kittens adopted today at CAT. May you enjoy happy homes! 
And of course, congrats to the other cats and kittens who found new families today too! ...
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Hooray hooray - it's black cat appreciation day! In celebration, all black and tuxedo cats and kittens at the shelter have a $0 adoption fee today. Come on in and add a house panther to your home! Regular pricing applies for all other cats, cats at offsite locations, and for foster kittens. #blackcatappreciationday
Please join us for our celebration of black cat appreciation day! All black and mostly black cats and kittens at our Sherwood shelter will have a $0 adoption fee on Thursday, 8/17. Come on in and get yourself a house panther! Regular pricing applies for all other cats/kittens at the shelter and for all cats at our offsite locations. #blackcatappreciationday
This little Bird would love to nest with you in your home and chirp sweet nothings to you. She promises not to fly away! 💜🐦
**Scroll to see Beardsley's transformation** When Beardsley came to us from @humanesociety_swwa, he was a sweet kitty with a history of litter box problems. At one year old, he had never successfully / consistently used a litter box. Our shelter staff is working with him to slowly teach him how to use his box so that he'll be able to find his new indoor home! In the meantime, he needs sanitary haircuts to make sure he can stay clean and healthy. We love his fancy new trim! #transformationtuesday