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We at Catch of the Day aim to supply only the best in Wines on Tap from around the Western Cape. It's not just a name it's a promise. #itsyourcatchtoo

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Water and Wine on Tap!
Samples incoming! @thegindock
Big shout out to our resident #Sommelier @shanevanderwest 
Give him some love! 🍷 #WineWednesday
Catch us @newlandsspringmarkets today! #WineonTap #MarketWine #BubblesonTap #Theresnowindhere #CapeTown #Summer
Have you tried ‘Pink Wine’ from a Tap? No?! Head down to the @newlandsspringmarkets on Sunday 17th December! 
Catch our “Wine on Tap” on Long! 
Cheers Monday!
#Repost @newlandsspringmarkets 
Meet some of the guys and gals behind the @newlandsspringmarkets at @thegoodvibesproj here in Cape Town. These five have all been working hard at curating the December market across Food, Drink & Retail. We will intro you to each of them over the coming couple of weeks and then if you see them at the market holla. There could be some prizes in it for you!
@thegoodvibesproj #Podcasts coming soon
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We're excited to announce for #WineWednesday that we've added  @catchofthedaywines to our wine collection. This wine-on-tap is available in Chenin Blanc and also Merlot. Its super delicious and also cuts down on packaging, so good for the planet! ⠀