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Quotes, cat pics, and @catpollock01's writing progress. Author of Mirrors: A Short Story Collection. Loves Jesus, will travel.

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(Repost from @curejoy - sorry for cropping out the watermark, but I would have been cutting out some the most important, and imho the best, part of of this image). I worked my last day at one of these jobs fifteen months ago, and I have no regrets about leaving it. My sister sent me this today to remind me.

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Being able to have midday play dates with the nephew on the regular is one of the best parts of #writerslife
Just in case you were wondering what the inside of a blood orange actually looks like.

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Taking some time to refill and recharge today... @officialtobymac
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This would be where Tiger chills out while I work on a Sunday afternoon. 
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#igwritersjan day no. 5 - best read of '17.

I read a lot of great books last year, but if you had told me a year ago that I would say this was be the best read for the year, I think I would have laughed in your face. This was one my sister passed on that I just wasn't sure about, but y'all... It ended up sucking me in and spitting me back out in the best ways possible.

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It's been a few weeks, plus Tiger has decided that lunch time is the best time to take over my lap.

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#igwritersjan day no. 4 - "Most anticipated read 18"

This was hard, but I think for me that the book I've been most anticipating reading in the new year is Prudence from @gailcarriger's #custardprotocol series. I promised myself at the beginning of last year I wasn't going to start it until I had gotten through her #finishingschool series (which I finished over the summer). I'm really excited to finally dig in!

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Hahahahahahahah... I don't know that I agree with this, but I'm sure Tiger does.

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#igwritersjan day 3 - "Intro" 
Since this account tends to be so focused on my writing (and my cat, since I'm being honest), I figured it would be a good day to introduce a few parts of my life that don't usually make it into photos here.

1  I have eight siblings (and I'm no. 3 in the pecking order). 2. Outside of storytelling and reading, I'm a bit obsessed with history - especially the period between WWI and WWII (I was like a kid in a candy store for the entire month my team spent in Budapest when we were traveling as missionaries). Maybe someday I'll get around to historical fiction, but I'm not quite ready to tackle that yet.
3. Even though I grew up in Arizona and went to college in northern AZ, I never visited the Grand Canyon until I was almost 30. 
4. Speaking of college, I spent a summer living with a friend and her family in northern Alabama, working at fast food during the week and visiting Civil War sites and other awesome places on the weekends. Call me crazy, but it was one of the best decisions I ever made in my 20s.
5. Since my initial trip around the world, I've been back to Kenya twice. It made a much bigger impression the second and third time around, but that might have been because my first visit was after five months of traveling and I was pretty worn out. -----
I could probably go on, but that would be a novel in and of itself. I loved getting to share a little bit about myself!

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#igwritersjan day no. 2 - "Looking forward at 18". I have 2 primary goals - finish editing and release another short story collection in the spring, and either have my #nanowrimo2017 manuscript ready to send out to book agents or to release this fall (still trying to decide whether I want to try to self-pub or not on the full-length novel). I have smaller, monthly goals I'm working towards as well that should contribute to teaching the big two.

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(Repost from @tobymac_speaklife)

Let's be brave and get at it, y'all! 365 days = at least 365 opportunities. 
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