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"Smell the sea, feel the sky, let your soul and spirit fly." The beach is my favorite place. It allows me a chance to wash away all the things that weigh down on me as well as give me a chance to reflect and refocus. It's been several weeks since we lost the baby and although I have two beautiful, healthy children my heart still aches. We will try again, we will pray and hope that having a third child is in our plans. Until then, truly trying to live in the moment. .
📷 @meghitchphoto
That time has come again! DM if you want to snag one of these! Offering sessions in charlotte, asheville and charleston and florida!
Twirling in to the weekend like this!
Being home with two sick kiddos has been a little confining. Dreaming of that salty air.
A little behind the scenes from last weekends engagement session. Thank you @meghitchphoto for snapping this!
So I've started something fun and new! Now offering mentoring sessions of all different varieties! Whether you're a photographer wanting to hone in on a certain skill, a mom with a new sale to take pics of your babes, or just have a camera that you want to leave how to use better - I offer it all! @meghitchphoto got to enjoy a fun session last weekend, building her portfolio as well as learning more about Lightroom with culling and editing. Plus it was an absolute blast! She got some new headshots and a wealth of knowledge! Exciting times here and I can't wait to connect with more of you!
These two truly embraced all that came with their adventurous beach engagement shoot! Loved this cute wave crashing shot!
Take me back to that salty air and those sandy toes! Announcement coming soon about the infamous fall sessions! Keep your eyes peeled!
Little clip from this morning's session!
Definitely a first finding a piece of cactus on the beach.... Mind you I was literally an omg away from stepping on it during g the session! 😳🙄
It's Sunday, and there are a lot of fresh faces in here now so just a little intro about myself! I'm catrina, lover of the beach and mountains. Pretty much always having a camera in my hand and wanting to go on many adventures. I have two beautiful children who are subjected to my photo ideas and are constantly used as my practice models. My husband and I were college sweethearts and about to celebrate our 6 year wedding anniversary!  I have always loved capturing those little moments filled with such emotion. If you're ever up for collaborating or just want to do a Starbucks run, I'm down! I love meeting new creatives and love some Starbucks. Wrapping up just wanted to say hey, and looking forward to meeting more amazing people! 📷: @meghitchphoto
Can't wait for their wedding next August!