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Howard University Alum.
Atlanta ✈ New York City.
"We Are & We Shall" Now Available.


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The hits I make are like NYC trains. You miss one, there’s another one coming. New music on the way. #CellusHamilton
📸: @artimio.black
Spent my Saturday performing for the kids at the 3-on-3 tournament. I’m grateful for everybody who rocked with me today! #CellusHamilton
My bro @genaro_ortiz is extremely talented. He is always putting out quality so it was an honor to collaborate with him on this. Follow him & check out the new video for our song “Just Tell Me”. [LINK IN BIO] #CellusHamilton
🎥: @pavelashcheulov
last of a dying breed. #CellusHamilton
📸: @artimio.black
Decided to rap over my favorite song from Drake’s new album. #CellusHamilton
I arose through the concrete amongst the thorns and thistles. #CellusHamilton
📸: @artimio.black
Thank you so much Miami. You made my first performance in Florida extremely special. So much love. #CellusHamilton
📷: @johnvincent_se
I’m the product of you multiplying rappers more. #CellusHamilton
📸: @artimio.black
Touring with people you actually like makes it way more fun. Shoutout to the brotherhood we’ve built here on #TheInternTour. Where should we come next? #CellusHamilton
I bring the heat everywhere I go but this Florida heat feel different. Miami tour stop tonight! #CellusHamilton
If anyone should be known for creativity, it should be those in whom the accurate image of the Creator has been formed. #CellusHamilton
📷: @gdeimz
Flow so cRaZy! #CellusHamilton
📷: @pavelashcheulov