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Unique style for the forward rider. Shop LeMieux, Equestrian Stockholm, Cavallino Marino, Romfh, Horze, Samshield, EquiFit, Tailored Sportsman, DeNiro

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D a p p l e s // @ashleyneuhofphotography
Stübben tobacco everything, please and thank you 👌🏼
WIN A CUSTOM TACK TRUNK! 💙💙Tack Trunk Giveaway #3 is open for one more week! Customize your very own trunk on us! We have lots of ways to enter this round:

1️⃣ online at

2️⃣ Every $10 spent through the end of the month earns an entry 
3️⃣ enter at our booth at @adequanglobaldressagefest 
4️⃣ share any of our giveaway posts with #CenterlineTackTrunk for extra entries!
What feelings look like // Ellesse and Trivi put poetry in motion under the lights in Samshield and Acavallo.  pc: Susan J Stickle
Magic Tack Browbands are back in stock in more colors than ever - and we now have double bridle options! Yay! Photo by @kaathrinka
2018: the winter that just won’t quit. ❄️ Hope you’re all staying bundled! Rambo’s Original with Leg Arches sounds like a cozy choice right about now ⛄️
The spring deliveries just keep getting better and better! This Horseware Ella Top has the most amazing textured weave for hot weather showing, plus it looks totes adorbs with jeans
Next level pretty leg protection, courtesy of LeMieux. These Support Boots come in six colors (this is Benetton) and have just the right amount of stretch for a perfect fit
😍😍😍 @cotiheventing’s gorgeous Quantico is sporting the @stuebben_eu Freedom Bridle. Contact us about this revolutionary piece of equipment and read Coti’s review below. ・・・
Quantico sporting his Stübben Freedom Bridle with his fuzzy ears and long whiskers... some people may think of me as crazy for letting him look like a wild man but really Quantico has a medical reason to stay all natural and to wear the highest tech bridle on the market. With photic headshaking syndrome Quantico requires an extreme attention to detail in regards to anything touching his facial nerves OR in regards to removing anything that is naturally on his face. I have found that riding in the Stübben Freedom Bridle truly helps keep his facial nerves more comfortable which allows for even less headshaking while in work and more positive rides under saddle. Not only does this bridle avoid all major nerve bundles and veins it also completely alleviates poll pressure, so any horses that are sensitive in the poll will have a positive reaction to this bridle as well. I am beyond thankful to be riding in @stubbenna tack as it keeps my top horses all happy and comfortable! #stuebbenrevolution  Another gorgeous photo by @knl_photo !
We’ve been getting a lot of messages about these little beauties! They are custom laced DeNiro in mosto. This sample pair just arrived and is available for sale (39-MA-M) or call us to customize your own pair! 800-409-1772
@pridelandeventer is absolutely slaying in the full seat Tailoreds she just snagged at Global! 👌🏼
We’re all a little Irish today. ☘️ Cheers! @atxequestrian in new @graycodesigns