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We are companions on the journey with immigrant families and the economically disadvantaged by providing educational programs and human services.


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We 笶、ク our volunteers! This past month has been especially exciting as we have gained many fabulous U of M volunteers for our テ]dale after-school program! Thank you for sharing your gifts with us!沁解沁ク沒
A little sunshine for you from two of our テ]dale students on this bitter cold February day!笶、ク条汳夸汳懺汳吮揆ク鞘ク拾njoy the weekend!
This is why we do what we do! Braian came to us from Uruguay in the beginning of January, knowing he窶囘 be leaving around mid February. Braian窶冱 dedication to English classes and his friendliness made him a joy to have around. We窶决e so happy to help any students who come through our doors, even if it窶冱 only for a few weeks. Thank you for learning with us Braian, we窶冤l miss you and we hope to see you again when you visit MN!
HUGE thank you to the parishioners of Christ the King who made the dream of these 4 keyboards possible for our テ]dale students! 沁シ沁ケ笶、ク週hey are thrilled to be practicing all together! Gracias!笶、ク
Miss Julia showing some of our テ]dale students the different money she窶冱 gotten from her travels throughout Asia! 汳カ汳キ汳エ汳ー
Thanks to Grace and one of our fabulous ESL volunteers, Judy, we are ready for February!笶ク鞘擘ク条沒泱嬉汾サ
Substitute teacher Batran!沒汝沒呆泱坂擘ク鞘恟ク条沒晰沒夸沒笶、ク条沁解沽
Last night窶冱 Andale Presentation was a great success! Thank you to all the parents and families that came to support these fabulous students! 沁解沁ク笶、ク Gracias y felicitaciones!笶、ク条沁、沁シ
Ready our Andale Winter Presentation tonight at 7 pm!沁俄擘ク条沁シ沁、沁ク
Successful first week of 2018!沁羽ope you all are staying warm! 笶ク輯ahra窶冱 beautiful quilt will keep her nice and warm on wintry days like today!笶、ク
Happy New Year!! // ツ。Feliz Aテアo Nuevo!
Merry Christmas // Feliz Navidad
Wishing you a happy holidays from Centro Guadalupano!