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Companions on the journey with immigrants & the economically disadvantaged through education and human services.


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¡Gracias a nuestros voluntarios del programa Ándale!📚 Thank you to our Ándale volunteers!❤️ Thank you for your sharing your time and talents with our students! From teaching chess to guitar, your passion inspires our students to grow and to love learning.📚Happy National Volunteer Appreciation Week!
We ❤️ our volunteers! Thank you to our dedicated teachers who share their knowledge and love for literacy with our students every week. We are grateful for you! Happy National Volunteer Appreciation Week!📚❤️
Araceli is our student of the month for April 2018! She started taking English classes at Centro in September of 2017 and has already logged over 170 hours.
Araceli is originally from Cuatla Morelos, Mexico and came to the United States in 2005. Araceli is a dedicated stay at home mother to her two children, Diana & Cody.
Araceli wants to learn English so she can be self-sufficient and converse with other English speakers. She said she’s finally able to recognize phrases and words that she hears on the street!
When asked about Minneapolis, Araceli said, “I like everything minus the cold.” When it’s not snowing in April, some of her favorite activities are walking to the park with her kids, having a picnic and
visiting the zoo!
Araceli is a determined & motivated student, and we are happy she chooses to call Minneapolis “home.”
Thank you for the joy you bring to Centro, Araceli!
Mary Ann is our volunteer of the month for April 2018! Mary Ann started teaching English classes at Centro in 2009 and has logged over 500 hours!
Mary Ann began volunteering because she felt “an attachment to immigrants and wanted to help them adjust to their new situation.” 9 years later, Mary Ann calls Centro, “a happy place to be.” She enjoys meeting the other volunteer teachers and getting to know the students (“They’re wonderful!”). When Beginner 2 student, Batran, was asked about teacher Mary Ann, she said, “I like her... good teacher!” Another student, Diana, shared her thanks: “Thank you for your help! Your class is very good!”
When she is not teaching Beginner 2 on Wednesday mornings, Mary Ann enjoys spending time with her 10 grandchildren, exploring the outdoors (walking/snowshoeing in the woods), swimming, and doing yoga. Mary Ann is a wonderfully positive & consistent volunteer.
Thank you for sharing your time and gifts (& flowers) with us, Mary Ann! We are grateful for you!🌷
Thank you Pax Christi Church for the fabulous Easter baskets!🌷🌿You helped make this Easter extra special for our Ándale students! We are grateful! Thank you!❤️
Happy Easter 🐥 Feliz Pascua
So happy the sun is shining ! ☀️
Our Ándale students have been working hard this winter to accomplish their academic goals. Congratulations on receiving 100% on your math assignment last week, Miley!🎉😍 We are proud of you!
EXCITING NEWS: Centro’s new website is live!🎉Check it out at www.guadcenter.org !!
#tbt This week an ELL teacher, Mary Ellen, brought her nightgown to Centro. She shared that it was made probably 17 years ago by one of her ELL students in our sewing group! What a fabulous piece of history! Thanks for sharing, Mary Ellen!❤️👚✂️
Today (& everyday) we celebrate the amazing women who created and continue to drive Centro Guadalupano. #internationalwomensday
Batran is our student of the month for March 2018! Batran started taking English classes at Centro in July of 2017, and has logged over 130 hours!
Batran came to the United States in March of 2013 on a work visa to help provide for her family and to escape her war torn country. Her husband and her one son are still in Somalia, while her two daughters, Nafisa & Sahra, and 4 grandchildren are here in Minneapolis.
Batran has a job at the Mall of America doing housekeeping. She enjoys coming to Centro because the “teachers are smart” and she wants to improve her English skills to succeed in the US, “I need English perfect.”
Batran is a very caring individual – always calling Grace (Literacy Coordinator) to wish her well if she is out sick; noticing when teachers are gone & making sure they’re okay; and greeting everyone she meets with a warm smile.
Batran really enjoys her time in Minneapolis, “Family is here, work is here, school is here. I love Minnesota!”