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Companions on the journey with immigrants & the economically disadvantaged through education and human services.


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Interested in learning how to sew? We offer a community led sewing group every Friday! Ana is modeling the pants she finished last week and is working on another pair today. Happy Friday!
Peggy is our volunteer of the month for October 2018!
Peggy began assistant teaching Pre-Literacy classes at Centro in March 2018 and has logged 40 hours!
After moving to the cities from Waterloo, IA, Peggy sought a place where she could share her skills and support immigrants. We are so glad another Centro volunteer encouraged her to connect with us. Peggy’s love of learning & teaching initially motivated her to pursue opportunities in adult education: “Learning has opened so many doors for me so I just like to see other people learning.”
Soon after Peggy joined us in her assistant role here, she enthusiastically offered more time as a volunteer Navigator helping students set and achieve their goals. When she is not assistant teaching Pre-Literacy on Thursdays, Peggy is most likely hanging out with her grandchildren, reading, walking, or trying new things (like kayaking).
Thank you for saying “yes” to these new adventures, Peggy!
We are happy to be “one of the best things that has happened” to you in a while!
A HUGE thank you to all of the volunteers and donors who celebrated another wonderful year of serving and supporting Centro last night! A special congratulations and thank you again to our Volunteer of the Year, Courtney Hutchinson! Our programming would not be what it is today without all of you!❤️🎉
Today we are celebrating an amazing accomplishment for Asha, who as of Tuesday is a U.S. citizen!! She exudes positivity and kindness wherever she goes and we could not be more proud of all of her hard work and dedication. This is why we do what we do. We love you Asha!
¡Artistas de Ándale! 🎨
Meet our volunteer Navigator, Jeanne! As a navigator, Jeanne meets with adult ELL students once a week to help them set and work towards academic & professional goals. This role is a natural fit for Jeanne, who spent her career as a social worker in a hospital and later as a high school counselor. We are happy when our volunteers discover roles that are suited to their skill sets!
Pictured are Jeanne and Batran, who is currently working towards U.S. citizenship.
Meet Ana!
On Tuesdays at Centro, Ana & Dennis represent Hennepin County’s Office of Multi-Cultural Services.
They can help you:
-find employment opportunities
-resolve immigration problems
-apply for government benefits
-find housing solutions
-cope with differences in cultures
and much more!
Come visit Ana or Dennis on Tuesdays, 9 am-12 pm!
• • •
¡Conocen a Ana!
En los martes en Centro, tenemos representantes de la oficina de servicios multiculturales de Hennepin County.
Ellos pueden ayudarle en:
-Oportunidades para encontrar empleo
-Resolver problemas de inmigración -Solicitar beneficios del gobierno
-Encontrar soluciones de vivienda -Hacer frente a diferencias culturales
¡Y más! ¡Vengan a visitarles los martes entre las 9am y 12pm!
We welcomed new and old friends back to Ándale yesterday! We have missed these fabulous students!🎉❤️
Carol & David are our volunteers of the month for September 2018!
Carol & David began team-teaching English classes at Centro in 2017 and have each logged over 70 hours!
When David & Carol saw an ad in their church bulletin looking for people to teach English to immigrants, they decided this was something they wanted to do together. When asked what their favorite parts of teaching at Centro are, Carol & David smiled at each other: “Could it possibly be the students?!” The students’ enthusiasm and willingness to learn keep Carol & David coming back every week.
When they are not teaching Beginner 2 on Tuesdays, David & Carol are most likely biking, ballroom dancing, or hiking around Minnesota. They have collectively biked over 500 miles this summer! They’re a joy to have around for both staff and students; Batran, a Beginner 2 student, looks forward to “Two Teacher Day” every week!
Thank you for sharing your time and gifts with us, Carol & David! We are grateful for you!
Starting the countdown to the return of Ándale next week! We’re looking forward to seeing all these great kiddos again in just FOUR DAYS!
Sewing machines are clean & ready for the first day of sewing!🎉
Happy first day of classes!📚🎉Beginner 2 student, Batran, brought sambusas to celebrate our first day back!❤️