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It's frustrating.. I am frustrated with myself.. can I please get out of my own body? I dont want this pain and suffering.. can I please leave all responsibilty and be a free soul with peace? I need peace..I dont want to feel chained to do right or wrong..
I am terrified of hurting other people.. I am so scared.... all I want to do now is sleep the pain away... I need you mom...
It's getting closer to the day you died ..
I don't want that day to come
Please stay away
It cant be 2 years since we talked to each other
It can't
..I miss you Mommy 沽「
Maybe I should just give up thinking it will be you and me again. I wanted to marry you and grow old with you.. I will just stay single and lonely

Anime for life!
Noodles and Animu!
(Full metal alchemist)
Watched Grave of the Fireflies today.
It was sad but I didn't cry
Me and Scott
Having my friend over for a week ^^
Huge snowflakes outside!
Woke up to this today.
Feels nice that I finished Fate Kaleid liner Prisma Illya season one
My reaction when... a 15 year old girl sings italian opera flawlessly and just blew everyone away!!
She learned that from Karaoke on YouTube and started singing opera 5 months only.. #SwedishTalentTv