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Red tree
Woop! My birthday today :D (20/9)
I really like fall. Its a lil bit colder now but at least I can not get overheated. Only missing out is my gloves!
This day I was walking alot
No...please tell me it's not happening.
Tell me you did not say that you still love me.. it's fucking unfair. Don't do this..I beg you
Meow meow
This is how the old flat looked like that was my home for 3 years
Wrapping in plants in plastic :D
Today I returned the keys to the old flat, that me and whom that was my special someone lived in for 3 years. I've had a long journey in that flat. I've shared alot of happiness, love, suffocating emotions of losing my parent and even heartbreak. The ending of that is an enormous pain to me, but that sort of pain I will walk it through. Just means I can start anew and later find my own happy place again. To find my light again and keep it alive to get brighter and stronger. 
I loved that person more than anything. I shared everything with him, but in that flat we grew apart and I can't make him happy anymore. 
It's better this way.

This is not the end, there's a new chapter that will come in my lifestory! And I can't wait for it :D
Pretty sky 💕
The sundown from my kitchen window 💕