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Blu shirt blu sky blu steel 💎#derekzoolander #innout 💙
#outlanderpremiere 8pm on @starz @outlander_starz 🚀 #drumsofautumn
Also... #fersali is back @laurenlyle7 ❤️
Shark sighted today 🦈 enter water at own risk ❤️ @galanikolic
A-team, please don’t try to play us 🧟‍♂️⚾️🧛🏻‍♂️ @octavemarsal 📸 @cyrilpaglino1
Halloween costume you can wear to work while still being able to do your job🎃 @laurenlyle7 ❤️ See you Sunday... tic toc tic toc @outlander_starz
Walter and Jesse In the kitchen, wrist twistin like it’s stir-fry ⚗️💊
@octavemarsal 💛
OL4 SHOoOT Llif3
Meanwhile in Kanada milk comes in bags 🍁 
#vancity 🇨🇦 #milkwutters
«...dans le port de Vancouver...»🇨🇦#outlandish ❤️
#tbt that day he comfirmed me they were shooting OA2 😂 @paddygibson ❤️ @the_oa fav show proud of you boy
🚨 Mon génial ami et dieu vivant de l’humour @marcfraize officiera à L’européen à partir du 9 Octobre🍓 
Prenez soin de vous en allant le voir lui ! ❤️
#monsieurfraize #gariguette #candyupfraise #leuropeen 
No height requirement for this Carousel ❤️