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A few months ago I asked @momsrising if I could collect stories from people who had a negative experience with c sections. Over 100 people have shared their stories. We still want you to share. Let’s talk about the impact c sections are having on all of our bodies! 
#Listening2Mothers California found that only one in five women who reported symptoms of anxiety or depression before giving birth got help, and only one in three with symptoms did so after they had their baby.
We know that just because mom and baby (or babies) are physically healing well doesn’t mean that everything is okay psychologically.
LA-based comedian Angelina Spicer bravely shared her story in this incredible video. Spicer also just crowdfunded a documentary about postpartum depression!

READ MORE about #Listening2Mothers: www.chcf.org/collection/listening-to-mothers-in-california/
➡️ Follow @AngelinaSpicer for maternal mental health advocacy (AND great comedy! She’s hilarious!). 👩🏽‍💻 www.angelinaspicer.com
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The Patient Safety Movement Foundation Midyear Planning Meeting is underway. Our organization is here discussing transparency and #cesareanrates. #0x2020
From the newly published Listening to Mothers California survey. 3 in 10 were told their baby might be getting quite large. How many of those babies were actually large? 16 percent. #cesareanrates #unnecesarean #listening2mothers #macrosomia
💻 Webinar on Key Findings from the Listening to Mothers in California Survey 🤰🤱
▫️Sept 20
▫️1-2pm Pacific
Presenters: Carol Sakala from @npwf & Gene Declercq from @BUSPH ◽️
In 2016, California Health Care Foundation  and the Yellow Chair Foundation funded the National Partnership for Women & Families to field its signature Listening to Mothers survey in California. This marks the first time this highly-regarded and widely consulted national survey of the views and experiences of childbearing women has been fielded at the state level and in Spanish. ◽️
Registration link in bio. 👆
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#Repost @who 🤗 The #FirstEmbrace, a prolonged skin-to-skin cuddle between moms (or dads) and babies helps them stay warm and safe. It’s a simple but powerful way of improving the health of preterm and low-birth-weight #babies.
“How to Shop Around for the Best Maternity Hospital” via @thebump. Interviews with @neel_t_shah, CesareanRates.org Executive Director Jill Arnold and more. Link in bio. #cesareanrates #maternalsafety #cesareanbirth #patientsafetymovement  #0X2020 #moms #pregnancy #maternalhealth
This tweet is from a maternal fetal medicine specialist (sometimes called MFMs or high-risk OBs). She thought it would benefit her patients to broaden her skill set. 💚 #MaternalJustice #maternalsafety #cesareanrates #csections #midwives
Cada paciente tiene el derecho de tomar decisiones informadas sobre su salud. ¡Gracias @mamasconpoder y @momsrising por el Twitter chat! #Csections #MaternalJustice
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Upon release from the hospital after my C-section, I wasn't even close to recovering from what is a MAJOR surgery. Over the next few days, so focused on trying to adjust to motherhood, learning to breastfeed I failed to notice that I had begun wheezing profoundly. ⠀
Thankfully, my mother did notice, and I returned to the hospital to discover I had pneumonia. Which, I learned, was common after C-sections if you don’t follow certain  protocols that my doctor had failed to mention entirely. Soon after, I was rushed back to the hospital because they thought I had a blood clot, a possibly life threatening situation that Serena Williams recently documented experiencing after her C-section. My pneumonia kept me apart from my child for 21 days.Days that should have been crucial bonding moments in my early motherhood experience.⠀ #MaternalJustice #MaternalMortality #CSection #Birth #BirthStory
📆 August 27 ⏰ 8-9pm ET. Join @mamasconpoder & @MomsRising’s Senior Fellow @osopepatrisse along with guests @blkwomenshealth, @CalMidwives, @CHCFNews, @ColorOfChange, & @neel_shah on Monday 8/27 8-9pm ET to talk #Csections in the United States. #MaternalJustice #Csections #cesareanrates #maternalsafety
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I appreciate Nadya for capturing this moment. Last night was truly special for me. I launched my campaign because I want to make life better for all of us who call New York our home. ⁣
We packed a room to discuss a crisis that has haunted our state, and our nation, for far too long: Black women’s maternal mortality. ⁣
As I heard from our incredible panel and looked out into the crowd—engaged, concerned, and ready to work—I was reminded that “a New York for all” is not simply feasible, it’s necessary.