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Day 3!
I’m loving it...
Day 3 of 20 days meal challenge! 😂😂😂
Here, I just bought 1 orange, 1 cucumber and 1 lime. This is for my  detox water. 🥒🍋🍊 #healthy #detoxwater
Alright, this is day 2 and so far I am fine with it. I just took much of water when I crave to eat. 😂 Today, I had chopped chicken meat, a little bit of black rice which is really good than of a white rice and a bit of corn and a piece of cabbage. ❤️ #29daymealchallenge #day2
Okay! Last new year I promised to myself that I will change my lifestyle this year! I chose to live a healthy life as long as I can! Ha-ha!  So I need to be careful on the food I eat, meaning I have to be careful on my food intake. I also want to detoxify my body, so I am thinking to practice on drinking water infused with fruits. I also want to change my sleeping schedule for me to have  enough sleeping hours, I’ll try my best to sleep before 12 pm, he-he!  Here, I’ll start my resolution by avoiding eating too much... so I’m thinking of controlling my food intake. I joined the 20-day meal challenge. I hope this will work for me. On my day 1, I had some longanesa and 1 sunny side up egg and 1 small rice.. I think that’s smaller than a cup of rice. I also had A bit of cucumber and cabbage.I gotta deal with this! Haha! Gotta take this seriously this time. Hope this will work!
This was at Tokyo Bubble Tea! I was eating alone! Urrghhh missed this food!
This korean food is everything❤️
I would love spend so much time with you here in the couch 🛋 ❤️ 😂
What is the first thing that comes  out on your mind when you’re sitting on couch?
#naughty #silly
#denim #office #korean
How do they call this hand something? 😂😂😂
#denim #korean