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Walking along the river and catching views of the tribute light.  Living minutes away from the city made this tragedy one that was visible everywhere you went afterwards.  Even sitting in my backyard, I could smell the smoke.  I will #neverforget
The calm at the end of the first week.  By the way- how cute is this travel mug?  My student gave it to me last year and my favorite part is the handle that pops up from the top.  So helpful!
Well here we go! Finally felt set - just in time for the kids to come in.  #classroomtour #classroomtour2017 #keepthequote #ineedacricut
Love how my RACE board came out!  Thanks @berrybrightin5th !
My neighbors gave my mom this bookshelf when moving. So glad I could make room for it and love the homey vibes it gives my classroom!!💛
First sign of progress!
So much to do!!!
1st back to school shopping trip! #targetdollarspot #amazingsavings
Gearing up for next year!  Hopefully this will help with the pencil struggles....#thestruggleisreal #teacherproblems
It's June and my "teacher shelves" are finally looking good.  Oh well- at least I can leave everything as is and just cover it until September!
Adorable thank you cards ready for my lovelies from @target @targetsdollarspot 🎯
#myfirstclassroom came after being a leave replacement teacher in other people's rooms for 2 years. I was sooo excited to have my own room.  The room itself had awful carpet and was in horrible condition, but that didn't dull my excitement.  I chose a vintage schoolhouse theme and purchased full kits from a teacher store.  Decor did not include any thoughts on seating arrangements or what would work for the kids.  Now I feel my decor has become prettier, but also much more strategic/all for the kids.  Tips for new teachers would be to have a little fun, but don't stress yourselves out with it.  Get the store pack so everything you need is in one set.  And try to think about what the kids will need. Good luck!!❤️🤛🏼