Living out my dream job: writing, reading, drinking coffee & hanging with kids. 5th/6th Grade ELA 📚📝 My TPT below👇🏻

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Some samples of my student mind maps in progress! I love how my students took ownership over these notes and went the extra mile to begin research on topics of interest!
Tried out #mindmapping today using the intro to nonfiction in our Performance Coach workbooks.  It was a hit! I loved it because it was a less messy alternative to interactive notes. Kids loved the creativity!  Thanks @themagnoliateacher for the idea!
Still in Christmas mode here.  I was loving being lazy over break, but with novel studies starting next week, the teacher part of my brain is in hyperdrive.  Glad to have a snow day to do some prep work!
Joined the Keurig club! Love this color!
Waiting on snow like... 🙏🏻❄️
For my FL scavenger hunt...I told the kids it’s not over when you think it is!  Out of 2 teams, the team that found the most examples got to sort theirs first on the board. When they finished, I went through each clip and checked to see if they were correct.  Every example they received correct, I handed back.  Everyone wrong went to the other team, who now had a chance to try it. (Kind of like a spelling 🐝). So the group that found the most tickets in the hunt part was not necessarily the winning team. One class even went back and forth a bit. The group with the most tickets at the very end won, but I felt like a real winner for surviving this day!! You know?!?💁🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️
Excited to start doing some narrative writing with my students! This week we are doing the Trapped in a Snow Globe story from @miss5th  and when we return from break, I’ll have the kids write some narratives based off of our quotes.  And somewhere along the line I hope I can fit in a personal narrative!
I am well aware that this is not a pretty picture.  However this picture represents the highlight of my day.  One of my resource students has been struggling with writing.  And so, while his peers were publishing their essays, I made this breakdown of the essay for him.  No, it’s not a cute graphic organizer. No, I don’t have trendy fonts.  Yes, it all looks like a hot mess!  But finally (FINALLY!) I think we are making some headway.  We took some ideas from his first essay and brought them into the opening paragraph.  I also wrote my own essay on chart paper on a wall across from this student.  It helped that he had an additional reference and could see my process.  He seemed to be starting to understand the organization and that 5 sentences make up a paragraph,not an essay! 🙈While there may still be a mountain to climb for this student, today he got both feet off the ground and I could not be more proud!💓
Needing a personal day and needing my students to get these notes in so we can do a figurative language scavenger hunt on Friday.  #wastherepreppinguntil5 #worthittosleepin
Got this #keepthequote idea from @miss.beach.and.teach Her students are adorable! And I just had to do this quote after seeing them present on it!
Feeling just as tired of doing a “WOD” as my students probably are.  Mixed it up by attempting a #miss5thswhiteboard question.  I definitely wouldn’t have true kids write this much every day, but it worked this Monday.  What does everyone else have their kids do upon entrance?