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Ignore the boxes.  We’re starting our first full week and the room is still a work in progress. Luckily, a few minor tweaks were made and my co-teacher and I get to share this room pretty much all day.  I teach my classes when she’s on prep and teaches an elective out of the room.  And she teaches one of her electives during my prep.  Aside from that, we are both the teachers for three 7th ELA sections.  It has been challenging trying to, essentially, fit two rooms in one.  Still, we work together really well and are enjoying the perks of sharing! (Divide and conquer with the work!). Last week, when my wooden bookshelf moved in, I really felt at home.  Her plant added on and I think she felt the same way. 🎍☺️
Progress!  On the tiniest corner of the room! 😜
First week of summer, first #teachersummerchallenge !🤗
The next teacher’s already put some of her belongings on the shelves.  Goodbye room!
My students are working on magnetic poetry inspired poems this week and it has been the perfect post-testing activity.  This poem comes from one of my resource students who is my star.  She has shown the most growth this year!  So proud of this girl.
#bringyourpettoworkday when you forget something important at school. 🙈
Mind Map #2!  Kids are loving it!  They are also much more creative than I am and are adding different shapes and doodles! Also...PSA- the colored pens at @dollartree  are so good for this!! I’ve bought a few packs recently and kids love using them!! They just told me today they are amazed at how nicely they write!!
A quiz on the King George story was assigned.  Snow day happened & class is not ready.  So what did I do?  Promise to bring in coffee to “age” their colonist journal entries.  Friday afternoon.  Staining paper with the class I yelled at last week for their project behavior.😱Hopefully I can keep everyone else busy while the “aging” happens.  And hopefully this turns out to be a blast for all! (And not a day I deeply regret!)
Oh and if you’ve read all the way down, here’s what I wrote on the board to keep everyone occupied.
Some samples of my student mind maps in progress! I love how my students took ownership over these notes and went the extra mile to begin research on topics of interest!
Tried out #mindmapping today using the intro to nonfiction in our Performance Coach workbooks.  It was a hit! I loved it because it was a less messy alternative to interactive notes. Kids loved the creativity!  Thanks @themagnoliateacher for the idea!
Still in Christmas mode here.  I was loving being lazy over break, but with novel studies starting next week, the teacher part of my brain is in hyperdrive.  Glad to have a snow day to do some prep work!
Joined the Keurig club! Love this color!