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if it comes, let it. if it goes, let it.

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does everyone have a mascara smudge on their headliner ?
that cow with the side eye 👀 #halloweenpettorture
2 weeks ago, Tao Lin posted an Instagram story saying he had a limited number of copies of his new book Trip and asked for addresses. I sent mine hours after the original story had been posted but thought there may be a chance. Today I received this copy by mail and it absolutely made my day. I’ve already started Trip but the copy I have belongs to the County Library and is due for return so the timing is perfect. Thank you, @mtgjdfjdfgukkhddtyhcffghhvdfyg !  P.S. I shamelessly fanned through the pages to check for any other gifts that may have been included.
Jesus don’t want me for a sunbeam
grass legs, who this... #cute
WHO’S TRYNA GO CAMPING ? ⛺️🔥 #beansnweens #sticks
thankful for friends and family, 25 isn’t horrible yet. 💕💕💕 #birthday #tatertots #mostlypicturesofloganbecauseididnttakeany #💕
cake farts