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最近很愛連身裙 最新的 Ifeel雜誌你們看了嗎 裡面有我寫的美妝專欄喔~
#OOTDchanwon wearing one piece dress from @shoploooh
Moments that matter in my life were kept in my little red diary. #chanwonHome
After a long exhausted Monday ☹️ Bought this pastel pink kitty soft toys at Don Quijote, Japan. It's super duper soft and nice to hug.
It's been a while ❤ #OOTDchanwon
A bottle of @beeplusnature.official a day, keep your doctor away. Loving it ❤ (photo credits to @rachelnothere)
The wonderful thing to kickstart my day! A surprise welcome home gift from @teamo_my ❤ Always my favorite baby's breath and this time it going to be at the entrance of my studio apartment. So lovely! Dried flower always the best ☺️
Last but not least, home sweet home! My pillow and my bed! I miss you so much! #OOTDchanwon wearing lovely lace top from @shoploooh
#BlogUpdated Your most requested blog post is now up on my blog (link on insta profile) Have you try the brightening pearl capsule cream? Instantly brighten and tune-up your skin! 😱😱
#FollowChanwonTo: Travel Vlog to Hiraizumi, Iwate Prefecture Japan is now on my YouTube channel (🔎ID- Chanwon) Watch the full vlog on my YouTube. Direct link on insta profile.
Tips to achieve dewy & Korean looking skin? Here's a little sneakpeak for you guys! Blog post coming up tonight and loving this Yehwadam Revitalizing Serum that help to firm up myskin. Use this for more than a week and you can spot the diff from my previous ttip's photo. My skin look super duper nice. 
It's glue alike texture but it really leaves a smooth residue without feeling sticky. Btw, you can try and get it from @thefaceshopmalaysia ❤ #YehwadamSkinCare #YehwadamRevitalizing #TFSMYYehwadam
Omg why this photo you look like a girl😂😂😂😂
我平凡の幸福❤ 有你在天天都那麼的美好 臭比終於跟我一起一天追一集goblin了 (我還在第七集捏~)隨著年齡的成長我們的七個情人節 卡片也越來越小🤦🏻‍♀️ 哈哈哈

在一起那麼久 我問他去哪裡找給你那麼多自由的女朋友 他說去哪裡找可以忍受我一直飛的男友🙄 我們沒有1+1=2 而是0.5+0.5=1 漸漸的每次回來都有說不完的故事 他有幾次聽到要睡覺了😴