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Life is too short to spend it trying to keep someone happy. We can't please everyone. So in order to fulfill your destiny, you must learn to stay true to your heart ❤️
📷 @carinayeoh #chanwoninthailand
This mall has no tourists visit at all. All local students and customer. Enjoying the ultimate shopping time with lots of booths and clothing shops. My favorite is the pastel @choosedressshop located at the mall & this favorite lighting props booth. The clothes cheapest can be just 230 Thai Baht until 550 around that. 80% clothing, 10% shoes and 10% others. Is like the time square shopping mall in KL. #chanwontravel #followChanwonto #chanwoninthailand
Why it's not in Malaysia but in Bangkok 😭😭 Everything exactly same as the one I went in Korea, but slightly smaller in term of its building and without the outdoor garden. Other than that, drinks is cheaper compare with the one I had in Korea hahahaha! Which is quite a good news lol #Chanwontravel #followChanwonto
Beautiful little corner 💕
The cafe has everything for pink and cactus lover. It's actually located at Siam area, with a total of 3 floors building which selling multiple blogshop / brands items. From clothes, bags, shoes to sunglasses. The building itself called matchbox but at the 3rd highest floor, there is a pink cafe called pink planter. So in this cafe, it has many photo spots and only serves drinks and cute ice creams. If you love this kind of cafe & unique boutique shop, you should love here too! #chanwontravel #followchanwonto
Just me 💕
#chanwontravel #OOTDchanwon Thanks @sookshin for the recommendation ❤️ Photo taken by @fujifilmmy #fujifilmmy #fujifilmxt20
Pink is calling 💕 #chanwoninthailand
25 vs 24 years old but forever look like a 👧🏻👧🏻 Curvy eyebrows on point 😛
Mango sticky rice 😋 #chanwontravel #chanwoninthailand
Guess what song is this. Learning both melody and singing with only chord ❤️ Hard to practice without a real piano in my house, so the only day I could practice is during my piano class. Memorizing all those chord is really hard for me because I don't have any basic and totally forgot how to read those notes. But kambatehhhhh ❤️Although I'm only able to come to the class twice every month but my teacher never give up on me 😭 xiexieee
As usual, adjusted my braces this morning before my flight to Bangkok later and guess what, my dentist told me I can remove my braces on next month. Wanna make it before my Japan trip in December but guess should remove it after my trip for better result. OMG I having a love-hate relationship with my braces & I never thought it can be so hard for me to say goodbye. Doc asked me whether I'm satisfied for the result after two and half years. My answer is YES, can't wait to take it off and smile bright like a diamond.
Finally after years of waiting! two years ago, every dentist who consulted me told me it's going to take longer than 4 years because my overbite and gummy smile problems is really hard. They pushed me to go for surgery instead of braces to correct my problem. I feel so sad and I did consult again with other dentist but it's still the same advices I get. Some of them just cincai consult, told me I can only correct part of my overbite problems and it going to be hard. I almost give up but few months after i found a responsible and good dentist! I really really really so happy.
There are many pros and cons for me during this period of time. I get rejected by most of the job because having braces is hard to accept the job in my industry, I get scolded few years back because I have this born to be overbite problem, I get laugh by some clients telling me that I look better in photo, I get reject because of what I think it's okay but after all of my tears and always punctual , never late to my monthly dental appointment😭😭 I really really really so happy. Thanks so much for those who still loving me for who am I. This is not a sponsorship job, I paid and found Dr. Neoh @ 32T Dental Clinic from one of the doctor friend Dr. David. Then at the same time I also consult quite few dentists. But from what I experience, Dr. Neoh is the best best best dentist ever. My parents, Smelly and most of my friends came here for extraction and fix their problems. He and his wife follow up my case every month and I normally go all by myself. I use to hate dentist but ever since I met him, the story seems to be diff. I'm so happy❤️😭