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Happy graduation to my only brother @edwinnnnnnnnnnnn 🤧姐終於辛苦完了😂 Always worry about how your studies and everything but finally you graduated with flying colors. Here’s our little family photo! Yes, once in a blue moon lol. I cant describe how I feel but the moment when I passed you the flower, I feel like crying. Turning to an adult, entering working life and hope you can achieve more milestones in your life. Just like what I did for the past few years. All the best for you and hope you love your graduation gift. Yes, i don’t buy you your favorite nitendo or ps game but I wanna bring you to see the world and create memories together. I can’t wait to bring my family back to my favorite country! See you in Japan soon 💕 Please work harder and eat all you can during this trip ok?!! Love from sis.
I’m aware that I’m rare
Photo credits to the team @zachrrry23 @baobaochow @jaz_asecond
A diff side of me. My alter ego!
Done this shoot few months ago and finally I got the final photo to post here! Amazing shoot by team @zachrrry23 @baobaochow @jaz_asecond 💕 Also my makeup done by @carmenwens_makeup 💕 Just doing it for passion and I love this photo the most! A sweet one and also will show you guys a more mature one soon 💋
Self-management isn’t easy! It’s been more than a month now and I’m still so in love with my #GalaxyNote9 😭 If you know me well you must be knowing that I always carry a thick notebook with me no matter it’s a day out for meeting or traveling. I got so many to-do everyday and most of the time, I’m the one who always need to take note of all the details, plan for my weekly outfits, style and drafting content for my blog. Life changed when I have my Note9 with me. See now I can plan everything, write it in this smart notebook. Yes it’s smarter and more storage than my other gadget plus the Screen Off Memo is way so convenient for me! So happy that I found something to place and make my life easier! .
#WithGalaxy #gottahaveit
Too bright, I can’t open my eyes 👀 Puffy eyes don’t care lol 😂
Since I’m traveling everyday, my secret to keep my body smells great all day long is by bringing my set of KJU Romancy Rosy with me. I prefer the pink scent as it smells not too heavy and just a nice amount to keep me feel confident all day long.
It’s very easy to use! Just use the romancyrosy body wash first, follow up with the balm and apply it on the neck + the area behind your ears and if you wish to make it even lasting, just continue to use the mist and bring the balm out with you! It’s small and cute like the shape of rose 🌹Thanks for the gift!
Want to try? I got you a discount code! Let’s treat ourselves to a pampering session with KJU when you use “GDN25KJU1”to enjoy 25% off a minimum of RM30 purchase and above on any KJU products on Guardian and in stores.  Just click on or visit the link in my bio! #KJUbyLUX #KJUMalaysia
Bird feeding time. They only came to me when I’m holding the food lol. Again, receive damn a lot of dm asking where I got this yellow flora dress. It’s from @diamondmojitto 💕 it’s quite long until my ankle but it look extra gorgeous with the special sleeve designs on! Loving it #OOTDchanwon
Thought 💭 People telling me not to be too ‘casual’ without taking care of my image on my social media’s. They told me I’m a blogger aka public figure, I should have showing the best of me. I shouldn’t wear pajamas and showing my naked face to the public. I should have only tag and post branded products to show that I’m successful. I should have this ... I should have that.
This is what I received and heard from the public. I know I have lots of followers and supporters who still stick with me for being me. You showed your love to me telling me you love the natural side of me. You love me for being silly and sometime crazy. You love me for being real. I’m grateful for that and appreciate it.
But there are always both sides story for everything. Like those public noise which might stop and discourage you. They tell you things that hurt you and say ‘sorry, no offense’. I’m so tired of living in such world where I have to force myself to say yes, see other’s face and let them decide for my life. I believe everyone has that moment where you start criticizing yourself. You start to feel doubt about what you are doing. You start to be afraid of your decision. You couldn’t even help not to think about other’s opinions! Yes, admit it. Hahahahaha I myself experience that in the past.
No one could help us except ourselves. I gone through that moment when everyone start to correct and giving me all sorts of ‘good advice’ asking me to behave like a blogger. Asking me should do this and that in order to be successful. Laughed at me driving my old car and tell me how should I behave as a blogger. What I don’t get it is, Why don’t they use that free time to improve themselves or add value to someone’s life.
I’m sad and feel so hurt. But one question that came to me, if I followed everything they want me to do then I’m no longer who I am today. I won’t be able to grow up like now and I won’t be the Chanwon that you see now.That’s our life dear. Don’t let it bother you too long. They aren’t responsible for your life. That’s YOUR life. Live your life in your own rules and standards, not theirs. My conclusion is-Don’t stop there,很多人活了很多年都不能做自己 也不知道在做什麼 而你是可以的~
Swipe left to see the BTS photo. Smelly’s mom took this for me lol. Omg now you know a beautiful photo’s BTS is quite awkward. Imagine standing in front of everyone pose like this. But ya, who cares 🤣
Pants from @shoploooh 💕 #ChanwonxFujifilm
Went to a rainbow color apartment in Hong Kong and now this Rainbow Village in Taiwan. Can you believe everything in this little village actually painted by a 96 years old man?! I was surprise and all these paintings are so cute & lovely. Every character looks so happy and smiling. It has became a tourist spot in TaiChung. Definitely worth to pay a visit here and swipe left to see the person who did it. If you are here in Taiwan then make sure you plan this in your itinerary too 💕 #chanwonintaiwan #followchanwonto #chanwontravel
ps:he even know how to make the Korean ‘love’ hand gesture #ChanwonxFujifilm
I want a white kitchen with lots of my favorite snacks & marmite in the future lol. Admiring this beautiful kitchen of my homestay in Taiwan. #OOTDchanwon from @kissalovefashion and this time I choose all their manufactured pieces and brought them all to my Taiwan trip! Loving everything I wear. #KissaMADE
Also I got you sweetie the RM5 off quote! Just key in [chanwon5] when you check out from their website. The discount code can be redeem until end of September ya. Remember to fully utilize it and grab your dream dress 💕