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How it feels when you are surrounded by lots of pastel dream catchers? You guys know that I’m really into pastel items especially things like this. I remember it was my first time receiving the handmade dream catchers from Smelly during our 7th year anniversary last year.
So the moment I know @dstyleohandmade has these beautiful dream catchers I immediately decided to customize one for myself. I was thinking how to make it even unique and special so I named it as chanwon’s Unicorn dream. It took me sometime to think of it, I look through their design and so happy that they agreed to customize it for me. Not only customize they have a lot of beautiful dream catchers available but not much of you know that you can order through online without going their store. So I’m here to spread this happy mail for all my sweeties. Still remember when I ask the owner whether can I have the customize one as I really think the pastel one damn nice with the love in the middle (inspired by Smelly DIY lol) then the rest is just done by the talented @dstyleohandmade and she match all my favorite colors together! I’m so happy for the outcome and for those who love handmade dream catcher you can save this post or contact @dstyleohandmade 💕 great gift ideas that I have in mind too! Sharing more of the photo on my stories 🤫
Traditional hanbok can be really pricy and might costs a lot for your wallet that’s why everyone is now looking for the latest modern #hanbok. I got this whole set from @karmeninseoul and previously my first modern hanbok I get it from my friend in Korea. Now you can order it even in Malaysia and everything is made in Korea. This modern hanbok can be wear as a daily outfit, for dating or even cafe hopping / high tea with your friends. I think it looks really good on everyone as it hides away your secret tummy and show only the best one! There are lots of choices and I pick the red one this time as I already have the pink one. It’s full cotton suitable for Malaysia’s weather too. Get this and wear it in Korea :p
For those who are interested can contact @karmeninseoul 💕 #karmeninseoulcloset
There is nothing can compare to someone who willing to give me his time & patience like you. Growing up with you is the best thing ever. I learn to forget and overcome my problems when talking to him. He holds my hand and supporting me since the day I started everything here, he kiss me telling me my values and how he adores me since day one. I guess for me, each of the couples have their own story. There are no perfect one. A great relationship isn’t about the love at beginning but how to build love until end. Thank you my love. It’s 17th again and I’m still the silly girl you met 8 years ago. Can’t wait for our coming trip soon. Thanks for being my 24/7 bf 💕 xoxo
Photo credits to @yeezenlim ❤️ 有人終於習慣被拍了 我很開心🌞 Didn’t plan anything but I just like to play with the shopping cart and my team took this photo for me. Love how natural we are and this is basically us lol silly us lol #7Y10M
Nerd Chanwon today! Sharing some of my Summer Must Have products and tips on my YouTube. Link on insta profile and remember to subscribe for more sharing videos.
Wearing this pretty brown color top from @shoploooh summer collection 💕
The little things that made my day. Never asked for any chocolate art but then you saw your favorite #totoro 💕
Happy Monday and one of the question that I get asked the most will be : what I want to be if I’m not a full time blogger. I guess I’m gonna work a 9-6 job to be a successful women in finance or investment department or in a bank as that’s my first intention when I study as a bachelor degree in finance. So if I got to choose one outfit to wear on Monday & to attend a meeting, This will be my outfit!
It’s all from and give a big big shoutout for the pants! It’s high waisted and make me look extra taller with the cutting omg! Also the cutting and everything is so perfect and that’s why I thought of sharing this OL look with you guys! The jacket is so nice too. Color is a plus point to boring black & white office outfit! More on stories #OOTDchanwon hint: very very good in quality!
Happy Birthday my precious @Bebeoppa 💕 最後一張是亮點
What a fruitful weekend spent with my friends and family. Went to my favorite place and had a team meeting yesterday. At night I went to Genting for the first time after 10 years lol 😂 Then today wearing this white casual one piece dress again from @kissalovefashion because I’m really lazy to think of my outfit lol. After that went for my piano class, get a birthday cake for @bebeoppa 💕 It’s Bebe 5th birthday today! Always my precious baby 👶🏻
I can be your sunshine 🌞 #Ootdchanwon wearing dress from @kissalovefashion and this dress is really cute omg 💕
Enjoy my every moments spending with #TourPerfumes now. The new fragrance is real cute and look at their iconic logo. It’s pink and most importantly it’s now available exclusively at #sasamalaysia 💕 Let’s #TousYourMoments and thanks for the DIY hand on workshop. Had a blast and I’m sure to try on the new scent this time. Swipe right to see more~
Living in the city isn’t just about the stress we need to overcome daily but the pollutions that can totally damage our skin and further health condition. Today with the latest creation, Vaseline actually came out with its first-of-its-kind Healthy White Sun & Pollution Protection lotion which helps to protect our skin from the harmful UV & expose to the dust and pollutions in our daily life. It’s like leaving our skin a shield from the pollution and at the same time it also helps to restore & repair our skin too! 
Remember always #Shieldyourskinfrompollution. #VaselineVSTheCity #sp
Whenever you feel bad, look at this beautiful rose blush just made my day. Just want to share with you guys @lm_laduree_my will be celebrating it’s grand launching at the first ever flagship store on 14th July 2018 (Saturday) , 10am-4pm at Robinsons, shoppes at Four Seasons Place! Most of you guys might prefer to shop it at their actual store and here’s the chance for you! So excited that I will be going to visit their store later and guess what~~
On this 14th July , which is this Saturday, the  first 100 Early Birds receive RM 50 shopping voucher for free and there is some exciting promo such as exclusive 1-Day only promotions + exciting gifts with purchase just for you guys! Yes yes only on 14th this Saturday! Bring your gf and bff come with you so you both can get to experience things together and if you wanna yourself feel good :p get the rose blush!! It’s one of their iconic product ever!!
See you later  #LMLADUREEMY ❤️ so lucky that I’m able to share this with you guys!! Remember there is only one day special promo + first 100 early birds RM50 shopping voucher!!