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Guess who's this? Hahahaah! Obviously is me 🤤 Never thought I can have this painted by you @lovelimzy So pretty and I think this could inspired me with a new video 💡 Thanks for all your time and effort. Really happy to get your artwork and it's always my pleasure!
Seriously this is bigger than my hand 🤚
Happiness is having you as my family ❤️ Time to go grooming  #奔跑吧Bebe @bebeoppa
My #succulents babies finally come into bloom today. Never thought my succulent can grow new flowers as the previous yellow flower dead and today is the day!!! I put some fertilizer and it actually works. I'm so happy 💕 #多肉植物 and capture this miracle with my #fujifilmSQ10.
#fujifilmmy #instaxclub @fujifilmmy @instaxclub
You are welcome to enter my secret garden 😂 Thinking about Japanese toilet I really like their toilet. Not sure how much will it cost for having that kind of toilet in Malaysia. You know the Japanese floor in the bathroom is really easy to clean then if it's raining day, you can dry your clothes inside the bathroom. Next, the toilet bowl is warm one. Backwash become so much easier in Japan. I kenot 😭😭 I need that in my new house! Not sure how many times I mentioned this. People might think I'm crazy 😑
Good night ❤️ Work hard again tomorrow! Btw, blog updated about my hydrating skincare routine and how I apply + tips too. (Link on insta profile)
Nude long midi dress from @hi.petite 💕 Feminine to casual daily wear : just add on a denim jacket! Swipe left to see the half bareback design with a 🎀 ribbon on! So pretty! Really love it and it's free size. Can tie and adjust at the back according your body size. Even if you are petite size , you can fit in this dress too! #OOTDchanwon
Love the colour ❤️ .
#chanwonHOME #chanwonxpastel #littleheartlittlelove
歲月的痕跡 現在只要累不睡覺 眼睛一眯 皺紋都跑出來了😭 阿娘喂
So here's finally the proper #OOTDchanwon after I back from GD concert. Sweat 💦 a lot and we visited a cafe at OUG before the concert. It's pet friendly cafe! Omg lots of puppies there and my skirt is from @doveydiary ❤️ Thanks @anerlyfang for the help to get it even it's always sold out but worth to wait ❤️ love it
Must buy snacks in 🇯🇵 Japan:-
Cheeza , Calbee Cereal & 雷神 😋 Recent favorite is the potato chips (Hokkaido limited edition)
You have no idea how awkward I am when I pose like this without a proper makeup lol. Went to @number_76 this morning after my monthly braces adjustment. Tried the new <HAIR SPA> at @number_76 and a big love ❤️ for the scalp hair spa. It took around 20 mins for the whole hair and there are 3 scent available for the spa. Personally I prefer rose because I need to be more feminine and smell as good as a rose lol.
So the whole process is like [Cleansing Spa Gel] > [Hydrating Treatment] > [Soothing Moisturizer]
What I love the most is the hand massage on my scalp and the cooling effect during the second step of the spa. It's completely different with hair treatment. This is more on pampering, relaxing and at the same time it moisture your hair & maintain healthy hair scalp. Since it's new this month , there will be having a promotion!' It's just RM200 (normal price RM250) and I think you will definitely love it! Normally I will play with my phone when I'm having hair treatment but when @76suky did the hair spa on me, I just close my eyes, silent my phone and enjoy the massage time on my scalp and head. Please try this and let me know how you feel too! Last but not least, thanks for the complimentary gift- mooncake from @number_76 ❤️I will make sure to cut it into pieces and eat it slowly! Hahahaah! Also because of the hair spa is too nice, I also bought myself the devil hair brush 😑 I promise myself not to spend again but you see now! Lol it's RM98! Cute and really gentle to use on our hair!