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Can you see all those baby fat growing on my face? It’s why I have to wear a bigger earrings so my face look smaller 😆 #funfactsofme
So happy that @KlookMY is turning ONE soon 🎂 Wooo~hooo!! Guess what!!! They will be celebrating this birthday bash with all of us on this coming 26th June, Wednesday 8-9pm through facebook LIVE 😱😱😱 Omg are you serious?⁣
Not just a live birthday bash, they even prepared many awesome GIVEAWAY gifts for all of us! The giveaways is the biggest one I have ever seen so far! It worth up to RM10,000 deals and travel discounts too. For all the travel lover, this is your chance to grab it and I hope everyone can win it home because the price is SO ATTRACTIVE. I will tune in to the fb live as well and will be there with my lovely friends @soimjenn & @asma.nasa.⁣
Also, there will be birthday sale PROMO- 10% OFF discount code for everyone of you to redeem it! Just save this post and quote <WAHBDAY10> to redeem the 10% off. There will be up to 50% off selected activities and special BUY 1 FREE 1 deals as well. Remember to turn on your Facebook live and enjoy the live chat with us ok? See you guys soon!! I can’t wait!! ⁣
Don’t forget to check out and save up to 50% off! To find out more of these good deal remember to click on and find out more!
一生人當中總有些意外的豔遇 還有一類的閨蜜不管怎麼拍都不能好好pose 好啦今天你大日子還是拍一百張每一張你都沒好好看鏡頭 😭 加油喔 看著 @shoploooh 長大像家人一樣的情誼2014年到現在好複雜的情緒 愛死你 老闆老闆娘hengheng ❤️❤️ 在你旁邊很像恐龍🦕
#AboutShoploooh #ShoplooohWonderland
Can’t wait to attend the official launching of @shoploooh label today. Arrived in Batu Pahat last night and the traffic is real bad but guess what?!! This surprise is just too sweet! So sad that I couldn’t carry this beautiful flower box back to KL. Anyway, see you guys on the Facebook live at @shoploooh page later! So excited and I can’t wait to share more 😭😭 so happy to see them growing and we are like a big family now. From 2014 until now and can’t wait to achieve more milestone with you @aahmiing ❤️ Looking forward for more and thanks for the sweet hand written card!! #AboutShoploooh #ShoplooohWonderful
Sleeping mask recommendation? Here’s two of my recent favorite sleeping mask which is da bomb!! If you are still using your current skincare product and find out that your skill still lack of water and dehydrated then here’s the Aqua Bomb from @BelifMalaysia that will be your skin saver.⁣
It’s in jar form and the texture is jelly like gel. I love how the cooling effect could calm my skin condition and making it hydrated after one use. The best thing is on the next day, my makeup and foundation product just so 服貼. Plus it’s super easy to use, just apply a layer on your skin and let it stay overnight & That’s all.I have been sharing this over the past few weeks through my stories and I think I need to post this officially so that you guys can bookmark or keep this on your to-get list. If you are looking for a deep hydration sleeping mask, just get this!!⁣
Next, everytime during my full day shoot if I get to expose to the sun too long I can easily get few tone darker after the shoot and I don’t really use whitening skincare to brighten my skin and soon next day my skin become so red around my cheeks and forehead. I thought nothing else could save my life but the First Aid Overnight Brightening Mask just came to me as a gift 😭 I’m so happy that they sent this to me. I normally use aqua bomb a day before my shoot so my makeup on the next morning just stay there and then when I’m back I will use aqua bomb again, thicker layer to rehydrates my skin. Next 2-3 days, I will use this first aid brightening overnight sleeping mask to get a nice complexion & radiance skin back.⁣
I love how it works on my skin because I always believe in true ingredients that works the best on everyone’s skin and hope that everyone of you could give #BelifMalaysia sleeping mask a try and hopefully this can help you to get hydrated skin all day long no matter how hot the sun is and the first aid mask could help you to get back your natural , bright and glass skin. Enjoy ur weekend sweetie fam!
It’s Saturday and I gonna eat my dessert with a cup of my favorite hot chocolate 🍫 also watching YouTube now
Trying hard to blend with the background! For those who asked about the outfit I wear to the beauty event few days ago & during my KLCC #taitailife shopping day. Here you go the top & bottom from @theclosetlover.malaysia and loving the super fitting top that fit so well for petite girls like me. If you watched my stories you probably know how well fitting it is. TGIF TODAY!!! Yay #OOTDchanwon
What?!! 4 days sold out 1000 packs for this promo😱😱 What promo is that!!! It’s the #BUY2FREE1 promo again. I think when it’s almost the mid or year end they have always create such promo just for their regular customer! Wanna know the secret of all beauty and firm skin? Just try it now and I always get mine from @premium.fine.collagen ❤️ BUY2FREE1!! HELLO HELLO IS TIME to get a set now!
Replace your plastic bottles, spoons, straws, and plastic bags with reusable eco-friendly items now! I realize all these small changes in me brings a big joy to earth! Let’s speak out and influence everyone to go green.⁣⁣
This month, innisfree is encouraging everyone to #PLAYGREEN with Eco-Hankie. You can use the eco-hankie to wrap your essential daily items, or use it as accessories like a headband/bag accessory, scarf, and much more! Let’s be more eco and go green from today onwards!⁣⁣
Ps: I’m so happy to be a part of this campaign as well 🍀 Let’s go green together!⁣⁣
#innisfreeMY #EcoHankie @innisfree_malaysia
I can officially announce that products are now available exclusively across @WatsonsMY and so proud that I’m able to make it for #AHCBeautyMY official launch. As I mentioned earlier my favorite is definitely their eye creams for face and today there are new items as well which is known as the minimal 10 range which specially made for sensitive skin condition user. If you are interested to try out their product remember to check that out.⁣
From today until 30th June, you can enjoy RM10 off by using the promo code ‘AHC10’ on all #WatsonsMalaysia online store. Remember to check out my stories for more event activities today! Really love the set up on this event.
May you grow stronger 🙏 #ChanwoninCambodia itinerary is now on my blog (link on insta profile)
Cambodia anyone? 🙌🏻🙌🏻 Yay or nay? #chanwonincambodia