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—A great museum for a great time. Discover the public and private life of Charlie Chaplin the genuine icon of silent comedy. (CH) #ChaplinsWorld

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"The smile on my face doesn't mean that my life is perfect. It only wants to say that I appreciate what life has given me.💫" thank you for the visit and 📷@yellow.srv #switzerland #suisse #vevey #chaplinworld #charliechaplin #smile
"To work is to live. And I want to live", Charlie used to say. Agree or disagree? 🤔 #ChaplinsWorld #TheManoir #CharlieChaplin
When the weather was nice, Oona and Charlie loved to stroll on the lawn. Who wouldn't love it? Those trees, those mountains… Copyright: Roy Export Company S.A.S #ChaplinsWorld #Chaplin #Vevey #Museum
Feeling priviliged to be able to show you the actual desk where Charlie Chaplin wrote his autobiography.  #ChaplinsWorld #Chaplin #TheManoir
The aim of this room is to present Chaplin's friends. Here, we discover some of the most famous people of the early to mid-20th Century. Charlie Chaplin used to spend time with, not only people from the film industry, but also writers, musicians, performers, political figures, and many others.

#Friendship #ChaplinsWorld #CharlieChaplin
And here we are: sitting beside Charlie and Oona, watching some family memories in The Manoir.  #ChaplinsWorld #Chaplin #Vevey
We have the pleasure to present to you the Swiss director, @eileen_expresso . This talented, self-taught director has forged her own pathway to success, grounded on a work that combines journalism and film. In her project, TOMORROW THE BIRDS WILL SING, she expresses her art through her experiences in Cuba relating to Chaplin. From 17th July to 17th August 2017, it is open to visitors in the attic of the Manoir, 3rd floor. Don't miss this opportunity @jaegerlecoultre
Today we want to pay tribute to the impressive Lebanese cedar located at the entrance of the Manoir. The hundred-year-old tree measures about 15 metres high. #ChaplinsWorld #TheManoir  #Chaplin
"And after 2 hours, we really got the impression that the Chaplin family could come in at any moment." Did you get this feeling as well?  #ChaplinsWorld #Chaplin
Who would like a TV like this at bath time? 😂😂#ChaplinsWorld #Chaplin #Vevey
"He stands up above his sufferings; victim of unlucky circumstances and he refuses to accept defeat." David Robinson, "Chaplin, His Life and Art" @charliechaplinofficial #ChaplinsWorld
"Think about nothing. Enjoy serenity." #ChaplinsWorld #Chaplin #Vevey