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Today's diffuser blend. Happy Monday friends
To him who is afflicted, kindness should be shown by his friend, Even though he forsakes the fear of the Almighty. 
Job 6:14
What a fascinating read. Were enjoying our introduction to Aboriginal culture and its fun reading about the Outback in Australia.
Time to learn
Time for some of the arts. Watching Anne-Sophie Mutter perform with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra. 
#mso #Melbourne #melbournesymphonyorchestra #annesiphiemutter
There is nothing indulgent about the Moral Law. It is as hard as nails. It tells you to do the straight thing and it does not seem to care how painful, or dangerous, or difficult it is to do. 
C.S. Lewis

Book - How to be your own selfish pig

#encouragement #wordsofwisdom
A delightful cup of chai latte this evening.
"I'm not saying you're bad reader mom, but certain stories just need to be read a certain way so Dad needs to read it." Dad 4 the win @servalpaul 
Dad 1  Mom 0
Watching A Dogs Purpose 
So funny. Lovely family movie. 
Does have a re-incarnation theme.
Paul enjoyed running between states today.
Time for a Chai latte and enjoying family.