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Getting ready for a new group. Happy to have y'all stick around, but I'd understand if you unfollowed me now. Who knows? Some of you may just need to stick 'round another year. We'll find out Monday 😀
I spent a minute in this Indiana Jones Boulder Gauntlet.  Just like being in the movie. Kids were so excited and we got to be mentors to our unofficial buddy class - 1M. Mr. Steve is not your grandmother's gym teacher!
Love hanging out with Mr. Steve at PE. Problem solving, teamwork, & cardio- and most of all FUN! #CTexpresss
Minute to win it - gym
Minute challenges in gym. I used to have beautiful hair 😀
PSSA water ice cool down.
Third grade presented a candy jar with written compliment cards to Mr. Pickell on principal appreciation day.
Some folks couldn't pay.
They don't know what's worse paying their money for random taxes like "having a pencil sharpener in your desk" or the TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION.
Another tax collector feared for her life? They didn't care for the tax collectors.