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Charlesworth Nuts make the best and freshest Nuts, Fruit and Chocolates in Australia! Shop at any of our 10 stores in Adelaide or shop online.

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So much goodness in one tasty mix! This is the moreish, guilt-free snack you've been looking for! Available at a special price right now! #heart&soul #nuts #driedfruit #macadamias #darkchocolate
Not only is this new product mouth-watering and insanely delicious but.... 20% of the sales of this chocolatey treat will be donated to an amazing cause!!!!! All will be revealed soon 😉🤤
Just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone that entered our 'WIN 6 CHARLESWORTH NUTS SHOWBAGS' Competition. A winner was selected at random and has been notified... Congratulations Sharon! We hope you enjoy your Charlesworth Treats! They are on their way to you right now. #adelshow #showbags #nuts #chocolate #luckydip
We love hearing recycling stories... (just sayin’... if you’re finished with your Charlesworth Nuts Jars, @kalperricottage might not complain if a jar or two came her way 😉😍)
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#repost @kalperricottage ・・・
Repost: Until yesterday this was a @charlesworth_nuts jar filled with delicious chocolate morsels. Last night I discovered, by happy coincidence, that the labels simply dissolve off, and with a metal screw top lid, and lovely shape, they will make perfect jam jars. ❤️So I’m looking for volunteers to support this fabulous SA company, eat the delicious morsels, then donate the jars to me. It’s a tough job, I know, but I reckon my friends are up for it. And then if anyone asks, tell them you are recycling, and you are performing a civic duty. 😉 #kalperrilife #jamjarheaven
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Behind the scenes with @avenuedesaxe Christmas catalogue shoot ! 😜#yum #xmasphotoshoot #ichoosesa
Today's very informative Show Guide... Admire the animals, and eat Charlesworth Nuts! (Come visit us in the Showbag Hall, Stand #11)
Today's very informative Show Guide... Play the clowns in the Sideshow Alley and... eat Charlesworth Nuts! not feed nuts to the clowns (Come visit us in the Showbag Hall, Stand #11)
Today's very informative Show Guide... Watch the fireworks, and eat Charlesworth Nuts! (Come visit us in the Showbag Hall, Stand #11)
Today's very informative Show Guide...Take a ride on the Nova Ferris Wheel, and Eat Charlesworth Nuts. (Come and visit us: Stand 11 in the Showbag Hall)
Ever wondered what it takes it to make 'honey on toast'?
Experience a virtual tour of growing wheat, harvesting honey and making bread at the Think Digital Coach Farm VR display in Golden Grains, presented by Spring Gully! — with Tim Gentle.
Can’t fit your Show experience into just one day? Visit any Show Kiosk before you leave to purchase a $12 return ticket to come back on another day! 
Don't forget to visit Charlesworth Nut's big red stand in the Showbag pavilion!  @adelshow #adelshow
With Charley Peanut's recent appearances at the Royal Adelaide Show, rumours have emerged that the 21-year-old nutty mascot may have had a face-lift. Sources close to the 6ft mascot declined to confirm or deny whether surgery or botox was involved in Charley's new look. A spokesperson from Charlesworth Nuts headoffice commented, "After his 21st birthday this year Charley was feeling unwell and had a 2 month stay at a local spa. He is now feeling much more rested."
. . .
People who know Charley well, are not convinced that a spa treatment would be responsible for his new youthful, fresh looks...many have commented that Charley Peanut has secretly retired and this new mascot is a body double!! There are even some reports that the original Charley did not retire voluntarily. If this rumour is true (and two Charley Peanuts are currently roaming the streets) we have no idea what may happen when they eventually meet.... . . .
#bodydoubleconspiracy #charleypeanut #mascot #oddbods #bodydouble #adelshow