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Life in the southern Rockies at the intersection of nature and culture. With dogs, wildfire, foraging, and more.

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There are 80 species of penstemon in Colorado but I am going to say that this one is 
Penstemon virens — not because I know a lot about wildlflowers, but because i have Dave Van Mannen’s PLANTS OF PUEBLO MOUNTAIN PARK at my elbow, the only wildflower guide written specifically for the Wet Mountains.
I was climbing the steep dirt road up behind the house, mind on something else, when I walked into an invisible wall of lilac scent.  The old bush was in full bloom. It was planted by the owners of a cabin that is now abandoned, back in the 1960s, I think. It gets no care, no extra water — it just grows there amid the pine trees at about 6800 feet, through drought and blizzard, doing fine.

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Wendy, the visiting German wirehaired pointer, is a . . . pointing dog. She is impressive on pheasants, but she cannot pass up a robin in a city park either.

Tonight it was the broad-tailed hummingbirds that earned her concentrated and beady/birdy stare.

They. Are. Birds.

Evidently, that’s how it works.
Pasta with fillaree, lamb’s quarter, dandelion, and clover. We’re calling it “false spring pasta” or pasta falsa primavera.

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Now that the snow has melted, we dragged everything out of.  The greenhouse today for cleaning and repairs. 
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Morning dog walk on the 9th of May.

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Last night’s snow on the lilac bush planted (in the 1960s?) by the now-abandoned cabin up behind my house. #wetmountains #coloradospring #lilacs #springtimeincolorado #latewintersnow #springsnow
Spring beauty, Claytonia rosea,  usually our first spring wildflower. #wetmountains #coloradowildflowers
Sand lily, 
Leucocrinum montanum, blooming on a south-facing slope in the foothills.
#wetmountains #coloradowildflowers
I am driving through west Texas in April, so it is highly unlikely that following GPS directions will leave me stuck in a snowdrift.

On the other hand, when (female, Australan) Siri tells me a to veer off State Highway 208 and onto a county road (paved but not posted at 75 mph like SH 208), wondered what was going on. There was traffic on the road, though, so evidently there was no chance ot dead-ending into the world’s largest patch of nopales.

Read the rest:

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One corner of the lobby, Eklund Hotel, Clayton, New Mexico. #historichotelsofamerica #claytonnewmexico
Having a drink and cherry pie with M at the Eklund Hotel in Clayton, New Mexico. We stayed here in  November 2016 and were nearly killed (no kidding) by some dude who about ran us down at 1st and Main. Apparently pedestrians in downtown Clayton are so rare as to be invisible. But the hotel is cool, and there is a good coffee house down the street. 
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