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Alabama girl exploring nature. Especially in my backyard with a hint of adventure in other countries, including my bucket list and pen palling. 💌

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Participated in the “Great backyard Bird Count” today at @ruffnermt! Survey lead by Ansel of @bhamaudubon! He did a great job! Over 22-23 species were spotted. We walked around a trail/Loop at the front of Ruffner Mountain.
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This first picture is from the Swamp. We made our way around after the survey just my friends and me. We saw these Eastern Newts (correct me if that’s wrong) under water at the swamp. We saw an actually beaver dam and fresh bitings from where the beaver was cutting down trees. Haha. Great day at Ruffner Mountain! Have you ever been to Ruffner Mountain before? 
Did you know Lake Guntersville is Alabama’s biggest lake? Head over the or use link in bio to find out more about this state park! #StumblingAroundTheWorld
Today was such an amazing day at @lakegvillesp. Thanks to @gregharber for leading the field trip. We saw so many amazing water fowls and a freaking Eagle, Eagle Nest, and two babies! It was absolutely amazing!! Everything we saw(Canada Goose, Chinese Goose, Snow Goose, Ringed Billed Gull, Loons, Scaups, Buffle Head, Long Tail Duck, Hooded Merganser, Mallard Ducks, and quite a few  more I’m forgetting to name!)
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Scroll to the end of the pictures to see a Bald Eagle and it’s babies! Thanks to @jwfulkerson for the Eagle picture. I couldn’t get a decent one. 
This is one of the coolest trees I have seen so far. This was a tree at Hyde Park in London. This park was beautiful. Although this was in the city it made me feel like I was surrounded by nature. Is was so big. If I had a tree house/club house I’d definitely want this to be mine. Going inside was a pretty cool experience. This is from the time I went in 2013. Have you ever been to Hyde Park? 
Hiking to the biggest tree in Alabama! Have you ever been? Normally we do not have ice in Alabama. So this may be a rare sighting. Check out this blog post “ Hiking in the Sipsey Wilderness:to the big tree” head to or use link in bio. Swipe to see multiple pictures. #StumblingAroundTheWorld
I just can’t stop with these photos! This hike was so fun, but because of the snow/ice from the past weather days there was all this extra ice that had not yet melted. It was pretty cool! Super cool photo of ice around the waterfall. I named myself the ice queen. 😂 I’m so original. How cool are the icicles though!?! Swipe to see them! #StumblingAroundTheWorld
Biggest tree in Alabama! My first time at the Sipsey Wilderness. This was a killer hike! 😂Check our my blog post: Hiking in the Sipsey Wilderness: to the big tree”. This was such a fun hike though! What’s your favorite place to hike in Alabama or anywhere?  #StumblingAroundTheWorld
Oh you know. Alabama is just enjoying this dusting! Haha not. We are ready for spring! I do love how snowflakes seem so magically though. Each one is literally and truly a unique piece! What is the weather like where you are? Please send some heat this way!! #travel
Throw back from my time in Italy in 2013. I don’t know about y’all but this picture just reminds me of one of the scenes out of a movie. With the building, people, and birds. I’m not sure where my next trip is but I surely hope it’s somewhere exciting! What place do you miss the most that you discovered while traveling? Also, do you know what building this is?
I was hoping to be bringing in the new year with something exciting, but lack of funds and being sick sort of stopped that.
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Going across from left to right.
1. It snowed in Alabama yes it did! We got about 5-6 inches in our back yard!
2. Lots of walking at Ebenezer Swamp.
3. I finally got to mark milking a cow off of my bucket list and visit a real farm!
4. Easy hike to Natural Bridge in Alabama.
5. In Route 66 checking out a historic gas station on our way to Colorado.
6. Checking out these wind mills in Texas on our way back from Colorado.
7. Actually in Colorado! Garden of the gods to be specific.
8. Buck Creek Festival. The release of the ducks over the dam.
9. Cahaba Lily ! They can only be found in Alabama, Georgia, and South Carolina. This picture was taken in Alabama.
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How are you bringing in the new year? Traveling anywhere exciting? How much travel with 2018 bring you?
Do you follow other fellow travel bloggers? I have a small list of bloggers I have complied to follow. Check out the list on or use  the link in bio- “Travel bloggers you should be following in 2018”. I am really picky when it comes to the bloggers I follow and especially the ones that I actually go to their website and use their information.
I know it’s not that great quality, but we used our tickets I won from @realtysouth_fos. Yes, I am a wall clinger. Thanks to @drinkreddiamond for putting this on at @railroadpark!! It’s nice when your city puts together activities like this! Have you been skating yet at railroad park?