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Alabama girl exploring nature in my backyard with a hint of adventure in other countries. Follow along, takes notes, and share your tips w/ me too.

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One of my favorite places to go is the @bbgardens! It’s one of the best botanical gardens I have been to. Check out the green house there is a small waterfall in there. It’s one of the many great FREE things to do in Birmingham! 
Also, I saw the Bog Garden area but no carnivorous plants someone let me know if I missed them and where they are unless they haven’t popped up yet.
Taking our time at Ebenezer Swamp. If you are looking for a small hike with the chance of spotting animals this is a good place to see them. It’s migrating and breeding seasons for birds so there are a lot of new birds coming in. This is what we have seen in the last week. A barred owl, two beavers, female and male Summer Tanager(just a glimpse of the male though), Great Crested Flycatcher, Prothonotary Warbler, Red-winged Blackbird, Ruby-throated Hummingbird, Northern Parula, Pileated Woodpecker, and also various other woodpeckers. Also this flower is a leather swamp flower. I’d say it’s one of my second favorite wildflowers. The Virginia Blue Bells are by far my favorite!
Oh, sweet, Ebenezer Swamp! One of my other favorite places to go! We saw a venomous snake(cotton mouth maybe?), a Barred Owl, a Prothonotary Warbler, and a Northern Parula, a hummingbird. I’ve never seen hummingbirds out in the wild. In my backyard is just not the same.
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Spring has appeared and it’s time for the animals to make their way out. Scroll to see the snake and a hint of the owl. What are your plans for today? I think this flower is a Swamp Leather Flower, but I’ll  have to get back to you on that.  #chasagetsaround
Buck Creek you are looking good! There is so much to see at this park. I’m always so amazed how it is right in a neighborhood and there is a lot of animal activity that goes on. We saw a Yellow Crowned Night Heron and a BARRED OWL. SCROLL to see the pictures. They are not great as I took them with my phone through my binoculars. 
_ _ _
If you want to see a beaver doing a warning call head over to my YouTube channel Chasa Travels or use the link in my bio and my website has a YT icon at the top right corner you click on and it will take you there. So when are you going to come and hike at Buck Creek? 
Thanks Buck Creek for making  me feel like I’m in the Amazon. Discovered a “new trail” at Buck Creek. Wasn’t new new but new to us and it I felt like I was in a true jungle. Get out and discover your back yard. We also saw an owl! First owl in the whole two years of living in Alabaster! Make sure to scroll through and see the roots! They are crazy cool. 
Have you checked out my blog post on cool gifts to get if you are a traveler? Use link in bio, use search bar and type in gifts. I bet there is some stuff on there you didn’t know about it... what’s one Travel gift you’d like to get but he met yet? I’ll tell you mine a DNA test!
Was able to sit in and watch behind the scenes this evening at Abc 33/40! Left: Brenda, John, and me, James, and Chris. Thanks Jo Paul for getting us in. And thank you @abc3340 crew for letting us sit in. It definitely was not boring and we thoroughly enjoyed watching.
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Have you ever met a celebrity while traveling?
On my way to the Walls of Jericho!  I always love crossing bridges like this! What’s your favorite part of traveling/hiking?
So if you couldn’t guess where my previous picture was from yesterday here is another one. Buck Creek in Helena! I’ve seen people kayak starting from where the Helena dam is. You can see the Cahaba lilies from this particular trail. Helena is a historic town, there is local places to eat, a park, museum, and etc. Its a quite a cute area! There is also a buck creek festival with venders and they have a rubber duck race that goes over the dam that’s fun to watch! 
Can you guess where this is? This is a trail where you can also see the Cahaba Lilies. They will be blooming in a month or so and the Cahaba lily festival is May 19, 2018!There is also a cave on this trail. Also, saw some Eastern Phoebe eggs in a nest and a baby stripe-necked musk turtle. Hints are in the hashtags and hint is in the video if you can hear it.
I love birding, taking a walk, or running at Buck Creek Park!! I love looking at the Atamasco Lilies  as well! They have popped up since spring is around the corner! Do you explore your backyard when you aren’t able to go far for travel?
Every now and then you need to let people know who you are!
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This is from my time walking to the Walls of Jericho. We came across the beautiful Virginia Bells! @zee_biish said go over there and get down and get a picture with your jacket. It goes with the flowers. She said something like that and that it would be a pretty picture because all of the colors. She took a lot of candid photos of me which I really appreciated. It makes me realize it would be nice to take more pictures of other people in their element and not paying attention. In the moment photos and not posed.
_ _ _
Do you prefer pictures with or without people in them? Do you like to see who does all the writing and pictures? Does it make you feel more connected to them? 
You can check out more photos and videos on on this particular journey.