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🌎 Alabama girl exploring nature all over the world. Especially in my backyard with a hint of adventure in other countries, including my bucket list.🇺🇸

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Limestone is a preserve where a lot of birdwatchers/photographers go to take pictures of birds,plants, insects, and other parts of nature.
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You can walk through the trails that are cut out for you or you can walk out on the board walk. But please do not walk in the areas that “look grown up”. It’s such a neat little place and Limestone Park finally got an official sign.
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If you want to learn more about Limestone Park use the link in my bio, “Hiking at Limestone Park”. What’s you favorite thing about nature?
“What do you pack for traveling?”
I have made a small list of items that I like to always take with me. What kind of items do you always take with you no matter the type of travel you do or do you always base it off of the type of travel you do? Link in bio for the blog post.
Board walk to the left and you can see the sun patch to the right. Sometimes I just wish I could absorb nature. I’d be totally happy sleeping out in a tent in my backyard every night. Exploring nature is my go to when traveling. What do you like to do while traveling?
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You can check out a blog post on Ebenezer Swamp at Use link in bio.
Beautiful hike to Kings Chair. Met up at Northhead trail at 5am to Hike up with a group of people. Thanks David Frings for leading the hike! Swipe to see multiple pictures. #optoutside
Winter and fall is such a perfect time to hike. Have you ever hiked at @turkeycreeknp? It’s a great hike for beginners, it’s also great to visit in the summer! Check out my latest blog post, “Hiking at Turkey Creek Nature Preserve”. Link in bio.
Spending some time at @ruffnermt! Beautiful fall colors and all. Such a good day to find Salamanders! Dusky, Slimy, and Red salamander. Different kind of slug and also a type of stick bug. Well two stick bugs mating. Where are you in the world today and how are you spending your weekend? What does travel mean to you? 
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Swipe to see more pictures!
Guest blog post is up! Here is a list of ways to avoid the messy part of Travel! Use the link in bio or type into your browser. Let me know if you thought these were helpful. Have you ever had any of these to happen to you??
Use the hand emoji 👋 if you love finding nature when you travel down in the comments!! That’s me!! 👋👋
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Ebenezer Swamp is a great walk to see nature. Take a walk on this board walk one day. One time I saw a cotton mouth in the water. If you’d like to see the picture or find out more about Ebenezer Swamp head to or use the link in bio to get you there.
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I forgot to mention credit for the picture goes to @jwfulkerson #travelblogger #travelinggram
Hiking at @turkeycreeknp! Fall is the perfect weather to hike in! What are you doing this weekend?
Happy Halloween! We are so close! Here is part 6 of my Travel Horror Series! What’s the worst thing to happen to you while traveling?
Baby cows picture for attention!! Have you ever wanted to milk a cow before? Well I have and it was on my bucket list forever!! I finally did it! Check out my latest blog post “Stillwater Farm”! Link in bio! These two baby cows are Daisy’s babies.
Throw back from 2014. Have you ever been to the @gaylordoprylandresort in Tennessee? It is a super beautiful resort with an inside garden, waterfalls, and river. Count yourself lucky if you ever get to stay here!! My husband and I just did a walk around and ride around the river. It is stunning resort. Have you ever made a stop here, better yet have you ever stayed here? What was it like?