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It has been 4 months since I bought a toy and honestly still a noob at everything; pictures and videos. I’m trying to learn little by little with the help of YouTube videos, cheat sheets on Facebook communities, and my personal teacher @wagan.jpg. 
Right now I enjoy looking at some random people’s (and friends, too) portfolios and blogs. It’s good to see that I and the people around me are starting to do the thing/s we really love. It makes my heart so happy that I am following a community that spreads happiness, awareness, and self-love. I hope you find the right community for you, and remember to always follow the light.╰(*´︶`*)╯♡
Food coma because of the buffet (that’s why I cropped the picture). 📷: @wagan.jpg
Saturday: Creek Park 🌿
meeting you 
made flowers started growing 
in the darkest parts of my mind
So many photos from previous random shoots — 📷 by my always @wagan.jpg
Walking on sunshine. 🌞
Dead end.
The girl who will always choose a pair of white shoes.
5:00 | 17:00 🌞
Bloom where you are planted. Even if you find yourself planted under some concrete at the moment, look for the crack in the concrete to find your way out. And despite all odds, choose to bloom anyways. 🌷🍃🌹🌾🌺🌿🌻🌱🌼
My favorite.
Behind every picture/blog I post is a (my) man supporting and believing me, every step of the way. 🌻