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my favorite.
Behind every picture/blog I post is a (my) man supporting and believing me, every step of the way. 🌻
in a blur.
Few of those chill night dates that we had. I also made a video during that night, it’s in my bio. 🍜
Chill weather, chill day. Forgot the name of the cafè but their matcha tea was good acc to @wagan.jpg. ☁️🌱
Unbore me. Hello, 2018.
Searching for 2018 around the corner ‘cause I’m about to bid this year a wonderful goodbye. 2017, you’ve been hard on me but you totally changed me. To more crazy adventures in life! 🥂
Through the eyes of 📸 @a.wagan
What a beaut☽ ⋆ #grandmosque #visitabudhabi #sheikzayed #sheikhzayedmosque #uae #myuaediaries #wanderisse
Truly majestic ☽ #visitabudhabi #grandmosqueabudhabi #sheikhzayedmosque #abudhabi #mosque #uae #myuaediaries #wanderisse
Been idle for awhile, moved to wordpress and did some slight changes. I'm back at it again ››
The tallest among the rest. (no post coming up- we are fixing the blog and i moved to wordpress.) ☽ »