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cheers is a digital branding studio in Columbus, Ohio. We build brand experiences that leave impressions through graphic design, UX & web development.

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Hoping everyone's day is stellar! Or solar 🌑
Soaking up those Columbus vibes / Not in view: laptop full of projects
"Always trying to leave an impression." Can you tell your life story in only 6 words? After working with @six.word.memoirs, we're pretty sure you could. Here is one of the many murals created for their Six In The City project here in Columbus. 
We're excited to show you some of the cool things SWM and cheers is working on, but in the meantime: What is your #sixwordmemoir?
Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you / Frank Lloyd Wright
Another wonderful meeting with the team at @mercurymile! Their site launches soon, but in the meantime here is a little FAQ call-to-action and some footer feels. It's always an asset creating brand textures to balance photographs on a website. This texture was inspired by the cracks in mud on morning runs.
Oh @brassicashortnorth, how we love you so. With your delicate balance of texture, flavor, and style you make us feel like a million bucks when we stop in.
Here's a sneak peak at the progress bar for Mercury Mile's interactive runner profile. Who said that filling out profiles has to be boring? When you have a team as spirited as @mercurymile there is no way we weren't going to build website to be just as personable and unique as them.
Gardens are museums you can actually touch.
Combining the textures of #running: dirt, mud, clouds, with the modern taste of @mercurymile's style experts for their custom #packaging. Can't wait to see these beauties live.
We all need more Wildflower Guides in our lives. Especially when they come from Inniswood Metro Gardens. If you haven't already, make the time for some nature this weekend. Then hit the grindstone tomorrow.
For RoadTrip Coffee's homepage we used warm photography and overlapping color fields to create a modern twist on the classic concept of discovering a great cup of coffee. Check it out!
Our current design mood: Polycarbonate panels and gold leaf.