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juror of MasterChef Malaysia, celebrity chef, Fashion enthusiast, designer for Aduh!by Adu, author, funder of "The Canteen by Chef Adu"

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Selamat Pagi sayang
I have been working for 18 hours on it! Good night! (Or good morning rather) 
#painting #tropicalheaven #passion #patience
It’s tonight guys at 9pm at Astro Ria and Ria HD. 
#genf #fashion #tvshow
With my super fit brother @aminhassan6056 before he left yesterday! Gosh! I do really need to shed a few pounds!!!! K bai!!!
#brotherhood #brothergood #gymsoon #work
Earlier today. A roast lunch for my beloved brother’s @aminhassan6056 farewell back to UAE. My cute mom is in town too! We miss him dearly already. Love you much Cik Amin. Good night everyone 
#familyfirst #bloods #love #brotherhood #mixedblood
I am not the best. Never have been and never will be, at anything I do.
 One thing I do know for sure is I always do anything I do at my best ability. No compromise, no complacency, no ‘melepas batuk di tangga’ and always with my upmost honesty. .
. That is my best 🙏🏼
#chef #painter #artist #arts #farts #backintopainting #exibition
Arts should be appreciated with an open mind and an open heart.
. Many of us are so scared to do so, afraid that their faithfulness to God lessens as they appreciate other beauties. .
In my understanding, my God lives in my heart, in my being, in my sleep, in my wake, in my life and in my dead.
. I don’t listen to what’s told, what can or what cannot. I listen to my own heart, my own thoughts of course with the permission of my God himself.
. .
. Salam Jumaat everyone. Let’s love all beings,  With Allah (God) above everything else. InsyaAllah
#peace #kove #love #love #ipromoteunity
“Sotong Masak Itam” - One of my favourite dishes (with a twis. I put a generous measure of holy basil) .
. It makes me smile when I see any Chef Who has just discovered squid ink. Normally they will use it To create a Mediterranean dish using pasta or in a risotto form, proudly as it is a ‘new’ discovery! .
. Look around, we also have been using squid ink in this dish for centuries. No big deal! 😜😜😜.
. Look no further...
#squidink #localingredients #oldtimefavourite #chefs
It’s all in the detail - orange rind knots
Good morning folks...
So happy to have had the opportunity to include my parents and my brother @aminhassan6056 who’s visiting from Dubai in my Work today. 
#familyfirst #familyforever
At the launch of #versus1001rasababas 2nd season.
. With My best show-biz friend @chefkamarul . There’s no air of ‘sombongness’ in his aura or personality. .
. The most humble and genuine human being I know in the business. .
. I hope our friendship extends beyond me sharing a stage with him. You take care brother and do have sometime to yourself. See you in Aussie InsyaAllah 
#versus1001rasababas @babasandu @tv3malaysia
Temui Kami kembali di gelanggang #versus1001rasababas musim ke-2 yang dibawakan khas oleh @babasandu bermula dari tanggal 22hb Mac jam 6 petang. .
. . 
Musim ke-2 ini menampilkan peserta - peserta yang hebat dimentor oleh Chef-chef handalan dan terkemuka tanah air. 
Semuanya hanya di @tv3malaysia 
#cookingshow #chef #culinary #tvshows