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Good morning and have a great weekend everyone!
Just finished presenting awards for #fitakaryaoneawards21 with @rajaazmi @iqramdinzlyori and @sheilahassan
If I were a piece of fabric, I’d love to be linen. .
. Rough around the edges but durable in quality. Subtle in colours but handsome in texture.
. Not as expensive as silk but definitely not  as cheap as synthetics.
. Main point is, am naturally real
Once I was young! .
.first trip to Jogjakarta. Ramayana ballet in the back ground. .
. Indonesia has to be my number one country to visit in south east Asia
If you can’t love me, love the things about me. .
. I am a loner who stays about home doing my own things, be it painting, reading or simply just thinking.
. When I feel like it, I’d go for a drink, a film or food, on my own if there’s no company.
. These lonesome activities I do and the extensions of my thoughts in forms of cooking, writing or painting are actually the more colourful side of me.
. I you feel those things, you would be able to know me.
. I am not complicated. Just complex.
Second trip to India. Simla .
.There’s no other place like India! I left my heart here everytime I left the country.
.. In my conversation-English exam for my SPM many many yeas ago, the subject was ‘the country you’d love to visit’. My answer unhesitantly was ‘India’. It was indeed the first international country I visited.
. I went back  many times more as I can never have enough of this in-depthly beautiful country!
. . My last visit though was 8 years ago as I decided I needed to see other countries in between then and now.
. Many countries I visited once, a few favourite ones I keep going back to.
. .
. I have to see places to console and feed my ever unsettled nomadic soul. I don’t travel because I write about it as am not a travel writer, nor am I an expert in sharing tips on travels, places or things to do.
. .
. I do it because it’s a need. For my sanity.
. .
.#missingIndia #magicalindia #loveindia #ancestorsland #ancestors #roots #guju #gulab #traveler not#anewbreedoftraveller
Had a meeting with my most intelligent girl friend today Dato Dr @abusalmah 
Thank you for making time for me 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
Longing to be on this land
Asam Pedas Ayam sedap nak mati by @hassanazizah 
Thank you Mak Ijah! Sedap nak mamps!
. . . Just the way we love it. .
. Tak Pedas .
. . Warna merah/orange
. Tak pakai belacan
. Tak terlalu masam sbb bukan Tom Yum atau rasam ya Tuan-puan
. Halia dan kunyit (kunyit hidup ya) MESTI secukup rasa dan daun kesum satu ladang! Bunga Kantan Tak yah!
Finding solace not in the love from others but from my love escaping into the other worlds.
. It’s comfortingly peaceful out here
What I do best is still cooking. What I enjoy most is painting and what I love most is traveling. .
. In between those things, I Sing, dance and write. My number one hobby is collecting religious icons of all religions.
. One thing that links them all is I do all those with the same  measures of passion, Sincerity and integrity.
. I can love many but loyal to my soul. .
. For today, I delivered cooking rendition for Beras made possible by @pancaranagrosdnbhd . Thank you so very much for this faith in me.
. The menu is very simple ‘Hainanese Chiken rice’ and ‘rice pudding with fresh mango’
. Main ingredients are the best quality of Malaysian produced fragrant rice ‘mardi wangi 76’ by @pancaranagrosdnbhd and... my love
Salam semua! 
Jom ramai-ramai kita ambil Info tentang beras wangi ‘Mardi wangi 76’ keluaran bumiputera @pancaranagrosdnbhd yang pertama di Malaysia! .
. Saya akan berdemo masakan bersama anda semua!
. Di mana Tu? Di Laman Padi di  @maha2018my di @maepsserdang.
. Bila Tu? Hari ini 2hb Dec Jam 12 tengah hari! .
. Hari terakhir ni. Sesiapa yang Belum singgah tu Mesti kena singgah sebab macam-macam ada! Yang penting? Saya Ada gak hari ni! 😘😘😘.
. Jumpa di sana! Na! Na! Na!