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juror of MasterChef Malaysia, celebrity chef, painter,Fashion enthusiast, designer for Aduh!by Adu, author,
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I have so much love for you @lillywongsaigon .
. The moment you thought I was that ‘Brasilian boy’, I knew we were in for a long friendship ride! .
. If only the whole world speak our language! We’d be the happiest lil bunch!
Salam semua. Saya masih mencari sesiapa yang berminat untuk join Saya di dapur sebagai cdp, Commis atau pencuci pinggan. .
. Juga untuk jawatan waiter/waitress .
. Berminat? Sila dm Saya ya 👍🏼
Bermula Hari ini Dan setiap Ahad jam 2.30 petang.
. Rancangan reality make-over terbaru ini men’debut’kan Saya sebagai host dan ketua juri rancangan yang tidak berkait langsung dengan dunia kulinari.
. Apa pun bagi saya, setiap bidang seni itu berpaksi dan berakar-umbi pada noktah yang sama. Interpretasi, Nilai seni itu sendiri, logik, pengolahan, nilai estatik, persembahan dan penceritaan dan teknik.
. Satu saja beza antara seni kulinari dan cabang seni yang lain, kulinari mempunyai nilai seni sains dalam memastikan ianya Selamat dimakan. .
. Jom! Kita sama-sama tonton petang ini di tv Okey (Astro 109)
He is more educated. Straight-laced, disciplined, and selfless than me.
. I am 4 years older than him but he is 40 years wiser than me.
. He is the pride of our family and no one loves me better than him as we really connect!
. We live well, fight well, travel well and we are soulfully linked not just by blood but also by the love for art. .
. Thank you so very much @aminhassan6056 for being there for me always! Pak ngah loves you to bits!
I’ll wait for you till you give in to the fragrance of my love.
. I admire your reluctance.

P/s Thank you so much Che Mat for my fav tuber roses aka #sundalmalam
My Sugars! 
Sugar is a nick name for my Dad. Ah Tan Gula. We were addressed as ‘anak-anak Ah Tan Gula’.
. He got his nick name from an accident of hot boiling sugar syrup toppled over his chest when he was a lil naughty kid.
. Prior to this, I always hilighted my mom, in my cooking and on the front cover of my book.
. Abah always shies away from ‘the limelight’, so, it’s time to share more of this unsung Hero.
One for you, one for me...
Today is an iimportant day!
Adu Sugar is opening its door after a month of being transformed into my mindscape of a restaurant.
. It’s not a conventional business. It’s a passion of sharing thoughts, ideas, love, care with the finale of food cooked from the heart!
. In other words, it’s a conversation of a love story without words. .
P/s: it’s a media opening by invitation only today I am afraid 🙏🏼
Duck breast. Experimenting for @adu_sugar
Today I have been very sad. Not because my love left me. Not because new love rejects me. .
. It’s because one of my favourite buildings in the world was up in the blaze! 850 years of history that is!
.#paris #notredame #love
“What’s forever Sugar? Nothing is forever but I’d still love you forever and a day”
. “I’ll wait for you everyday at @adu_sugar like Anjang Aki waits at the jetty for his son, till the end of time”
The preparation has started. Mee Bandung paste