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juror of MasterChef Malaysia, celebrity chef, Fashion enthusiast, designer for Aduh!by Adu, author, funder of "The Canteen by Chef Adu"

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In life, not everyday everything will turn out as planned. .
Some days things work out even better than what we planned for.
. So, we should embrace everyday of our life.
Same goes to major things in life. I never planned to move to London or to come back to Malaysia. .
. Yes I dreamed of living abroad and doing all the things I wanted to do! .
. God has a mysterious way of granting your wishes. Down to how I daydreamed about being a tv chef. That landed to me at a late age but it did.
. He needed me to gain more experience. From cooking infront of an audience to teaching at a culinary school. .
. Then back in kL, I was given 2-Year opportunity to re-train myself to serve my service where I am best at. Not on Tv, but doing it for real. Hence the birth of @thecanteen.chefadu
. Now the 2 years nearly end. I could easily flee back to England but for the first time I actually plan. .
. Instead of fleeing, I am facing the fact that I need to spread my wings in my own motherland so that more of my country men and women can share my take and contribution to the culinary world.
. It’s never about how much. It’s always about how sincere 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
I am most happy when I am on a journey. 
Train is my favourite. I am most humbled by this old-age engineering built by the British slaving our people and others away to materialise their power. .
. They built their Empayar living us the railway and the language. .
So, train has history, power, slavery, snobbery and scenery. .
. For me now, it’s purely for the romantic relationship I have with all that and serenity when I am in its belly! 
#train #slavery #fuckthebritish #history #liveandletlive
Kongsi. To share...
Mengupas Badam.
. How I peel my almonds for my delicious lamb Tagine
#almonds #tagine #chefstips #chefslife #passion #food
Poached egg part 2.
Biasalah bila kita dah tunjuk cara, Ada pulak yg Tanya itu dan ini. Cuba je lah!! Ish ish ish.
Anyway, here goes
1 - ada berbagai cara Untuk poach eggs. Ada yg tak guna cuka atau kacau-membulat air. Cara ini memerlukan telur yg amat segar! Jgn tanya kenapa? Panjang jawabannya! Huhu.
. 2 - Cuka membantu mempercepatkan telur putih mengeras (coagulate), supaya telur kuning masih cair (runny)
. . 3 - mengacau - bulat air menjadi pusaran dan meletakkan telur di dalam pusaran tersebut membantu telur putih memusar melaputi telur kuning menjadikan ‘poached egg’ yang membulat dan cantik.
. Air yang digunakan juga tidak perlu menggelegak tetapi hanya mereneh memastikan telur putih masak dengan lembut dan tidak ‘mengejut’.
. Nak Tanya banyak2 lagi? Jom buat kelas! Hihihi
How we poach our eggs for our notoriously delicious Mee Bandung at @thecanteen.chefadu 
My juice this morning. 
Peria katak, green apple and selasih. .
. My morning tonic. “Bitter gourd, green apple and holy basil” 
#healthydrink #bittergourd #sweetbasil #healthyfood
Back to my reality!!
Being a ‘celebrity chef’ is a small part of my culinary world. On normal days, I am just at my cafe @thecanteen.chefadu not being the ‘boss’ but everything else too. I would prepare food, drinks, washing dishes with my  family as well as getting my pics taken with fans. .
. I am a real hands on on everything! Never will I forget my humble back ground
#humbleyourself #realchef #celebritychef #food #cooking #passion #compassion
My outfit for the audition yesterday. It’s. Combination of old and new stuff. Mix-and match. The pink combats are made of stretchable cotton I picked up from @clothhouse for my label @aduhbyadu_official 
#ootd #stylistchef #style #stylistmen #chef #celebritychef #tvhost #knowledge
With my chef buddy @chefkamarul at the end of the 2-day auditions for #versus1001rasababas season 2 @babasandu today. We had good food, good banter and good laugh! It’s been 2 fun days! .
. See you all at the studio soon!
Second day judging the audition along with chef @chefkamarul and mr Navin @myndspurtz for #versus1001rasababas @babasandu for @tv3malaysia
Back at work! Judging the audition for #versus1001rasababas @babasandu second season! 
#work #passion #chefslife
I always am a tourist, even in my own city. That’s because I explore.