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@bravotopchef Season 15 #strong. “At the end of the day it doesn’t matter what title you have, how great you are, or the size of your bank account. We come and go in this #life. In the end we are all the same. “ ~@cheffati . We love you #fuckcancer
#life “ I realized the more #fun I had, the more relaxed I was #working, the better I worked.” -#billmurray #letgo #whocares #itjustdoesntmatter [Caption: I just ate a #liquidnitrogen treat aka #dragonsbreath] by @chefshelton of @merchantroots  photo cred @joshfoolovesyou  #soupcoolers
#Women have been cooking much longer than #men. Yet, when it comes to innovation in #food, history has dismissed them. “ I was confronted with this issue within my own career. Especially when people approached me in support suggesting that my "cooking talent" was acquired from #Michelin restaurants and not my #mother; that I was "elevating Vietnamese cuisine” suggesting my mother’s food was inferior. And how “informal” my mother’s cuisine and cooking abilities are. Even though her techniques were acquired grassroots style, it’s generation-old wisdom. And pre-dates all modern kitchens.”-@cheftudavidphu 💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥Photo cred @intersportbuzz #storybehindthepicture [A snippet from Taste Buds: Chefs Giving on @abcnetwork] @cheftudavidphu Cooking with his auntie in  #phuquocisland And she is smoking him! *grating #papaya She is the real #topchef ❤️❤️❤️ @tien_doremon29
“It's not how much #money we make that ultimately makes us #happy between 9 and 5. It's whether our work fulfills us.” -@malcolmgladwell #happiness #chef Photo cred @ultraclay
#Chawanmushi - Dungeness 🦀 Crab, bacon, buerre monte. [a signature from my previous pop-up dinners] Served at our (@asianfoodmafia x @beardfoundation) dinner last week.  photo cred @thechefsconnection #merrychristmas
@StempleCreek Smoked Short Rib #Kabayaki ~ fish sauce, lemon grass and cashew 
w/  braised daikon & pho spices. [From my collab dinner with @asianfoodmafia  at the @beardfoundation  last week #holidayfood ] Such an honor to represent the #leftcoast with our amazing ingredients. 
@StempleCreek Beef is best #beef in the nation. Their Angus #beef is on certified #organic #pastureland and #grassfed all the while implementing ethical and sustainable farming practices such as #carbonfarming. Loren’s family ranch’s products are ridiculously delicious. Don’t believe me? Try it.  I’ve dreamed of this day for a long time.... thank you @chefchrischeung It was an amazing experience to cook along side you and @cheflienlin and @hungerpangnyc 
photo cred @thechefsconnection
team: @asianfoodmafia, @chefchrischeung @bricolagebk @hungerpangnyc
Thank you to: @wholefoodsmarket @stemplecreek @bricolagebk
XO Dungeness Crab Claypot from the last @chefshawkercentre
@cheftudavidphu partnership with  @eatnomiku continues into the #holidays. Check out my featured #Saigon Steak starting 12/14 with #nomikusouschefmeals. [There is a video of how it works at the end of posting]
****************************************************************** My featured product for December: 
Saigon #Steak with Lemon Grass Compound Butter and fried Shallot. Claim yours ASAP. Almost #soldout. ⭐️ The Plug/Promo ⭐️ code: happyholidays lets you 🙌 take 10% off orders $125 and more
Such a blessing to represent #Oakland with my chef homies @nite_nite_nite and @reem.assil . And congrats to all their amazing success. I am continually #inspired by these two #amazingwomen 🤩🙌. #ifyouknowyouknow support @lacocinasf photo cred @santhoshdaniel8398
It all started here for us in #2017 . Thank you @paololucchesi and @sfchronicle for boosting our careers and telling our story. ❤️ @michelleminori @reem.assil ❤️ #gratitude
Such an 🙏honor🙏to be a guest on @abc7newsbayarea with @larrybeil  to promote @intersportbuzz ‘Taste Buds: Chefs Giving’ [11/25 Sunday 3pm PST, 4pm EST] featuring my chef homies @chefmelissaking @bastedmind @chefwonder . Tune in to learn more about each of our heritage holiday dishes. 🤩 Thank You to the #dayones @dionlimtv and @the_jenius . The Team: @elenabesser @geoffglick21 @kygoldhoff @mollycshanks . Thank you to our sponsors: @rocketmortgage @redboatfishsauce @hoopesvineyard.
We didn’t have much to celebrate during #thanksgiving, especially as a kid. My parents were laborers and always working during the holidays. As I developed my skills in cooking, I’d look forward to #thanksgiving to #cook for my parents. That remains true until this day. I am thankful for my parents sacrifices for my opportunities. #gratitude 🦃 #happythanksgivng 🦃 photo cred @sfmamakoala