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@cheftudavidphu & @chefbriduff [Food TV Legend] sit and talk life. The two talk about #restaurants , #cheflife , growing up in #oakland and #politics . Tune in 🎧
#thankyou💙It’s now twenty plus years since I started cooking, and I don’t know what I’d be if I hadn’t done that. I could not  imagined how cooking would change my life. Continuously, through #faith and #humancompassion, there have been #people who’ve given me opportunity. Bumped me a long and opened doors for me. If it weren’t for you, I’d be lost. And for that, I Thank you.

And on  August 10th of 2019, the community came together to help my #chef colleagues [ @reem.assil @minnie_bells @nora_haron @seadawn.me ] and I  fully fund our  @BeardFoundation Dinner 10/24 in #NYC AND FOR THAT WE THANK YOU…. You’ve all come together to make a difference in our lives, giving us opportunity.  We love you #oakland.➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ “The Greatness of a #community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of it’s members." ➡️#corettascottking
Sausages are one of the most difficult things to cook. They are either overcooked, burned or raw. Use this technique to impress and enjoy this summer’s BBQ duties! 
Featured Sausage: Vietnamese Lemongrass Sausage made with @redboatfishsauce only in #norcal @wholefoods  #recipes #cookingtips #bbq #grill #weekendvibez
#foodiefriday 🐚Nghêu Xào- Manila Clams, 🐓Chicken Confit and Watercress ************************
Fun Fact about Manila #Clam: 
Manila clams do not hail from the United States -- their existence in the nation is actually nothing more than pure error. These clams originated in Japan, although their name might instead give the impression that their homeland is the Philippines, since Manila is one of the southeastern Asian island nation's best-known cities.. Photo credit @joshfoolovesyou
I, along with  my chef colleagues [in order @reem.assil @minnie_bells @nora_haron @seadawn.me ]  from #Oakland,  will have the honor to host a storytelling-dining experience at the @beardfoundation that will focus on generation-old wisdom, innovative food cooking techniques that are rooted from Kitchen #Matriarchs. It will shed light on the “dismissed” culinary innovations in ethnic foods; specifically  #blackmigration, #Singapore, #Palestine and #Vietnam.

If you plan to be in New York 10/24, get tickets. This is a truly a once in a life time dinner.

Made possible by our partners @lacocinasf @visitoakland @wholefoods @hoopesvineyard @terrasancta_wine_beer_arak
"Embrace who you are. Literally. 🤗Hug yourself. Accept who you are." @theellenshow #ellen
Such an honor to be apart of this project!!! @choose_org Is a talk about #race and #identity across the #UnitedStates. 📚Get your copy now! #mondaymotivation
How do you create the perfect dining experience? On the occasion of @sfdesignweek , @umpquabank empowers a food organization @18reasons , a ceramicist @mmclay_ceramics , a sustainable farm @devilsgulchranch , a tofu maker @hodofoods , a designer @nicacelly , and of course, a phenomenal chef to highlight these voices in the community.
I’ve always been passionate about #banhmi. And wanted to pay homage to banh-mi by pushing it forward. I have a healthy dose of obsession and experimentation for the #perfectsandwich. However, I am cognizant of restraint to maintain my #banhmi ‘s cultural identity.

After all, I’m not just #Vietnamese. I am  a 1st-Generation, Vietnamese-American and I find pride in incorporating the cultural influences of my [#oakland] surroundings. Thus resulting in the fruition of @eatbanhmini. #oaklandeats. 
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My @Starchefs audition: Pho Flavors of @panoramameats Grass-fed Brisket~ shiitake, daikon, hoisin *************************************
My favorite beef dish is #pho hands down! It was only a matter of time until I made it into a beef dish. However, the star of this dish is the homemade hoisin. [#hoisin- a sweet, spicy, dark red sauce made from fermented soybeans, vinegar, nuts , sugar, garlic, and various spices, commonly used with Pho.] 🙌Thank you🙌
@starchefs @bar.histoire @wholefoods @panoramameats @merchantroots @chefshelton #pho #brisket #beef #vietnamesefood #recipes
My @starchefs audition: BBQ Oyster~ 🍍pineapple nuoc cham , tomato, allium. *************************************
An interpretation of my #vietnamese #american childhood backyard #bbqs in Oakland. They were always loaded with meat, @Heineken, oysters and Nuoc Cham. Nuoc Cham was used as a sauce with everything! ➡️[#NuocCham - a dipping sauce made from #fishsauce with tons of aromatics, citrus and sometimes fruit.] ⬅️ #oaklandeats 🙌Thank you🙌
@starchefs @bar.histoire @merchantroots @chefshelton
I met @coastalkev back in 2015 when I first started my pop-ups. In those early years, I would dig through  my “taste memory bank”  to recreate dishes I had from my travels to #Vietnam. There was one ingredient in particular I had trouble sourcing locally. Specifically #Carrageenan #Seaweed . It was often found in Vietnamese #goi (salads). My curiosity lead to me ask more questions. I was directed to @coastlkev for answers to find this ingredient. Obviously, we went to the #ocean to find our answer. Thanks to Kevin’s willingness to teach me , we meet  during the warm months to harvest #seaweed. Thank you @coastalkev for helping a kid from #oakland get a little closer to his roots.

With Gratitude, -Tu

Special Thanks to: 
I’ve been extremely humbled to have the honor to speak @rfrstories today along with my colleagues. Thank you to everyone who will be attending to listen to our stories. Thank to my brother @santhoshdaniel8398 Also thank you @peiruko I would have never imagined , if you told me in my youth, that one day I’d be invited to publicly speak at a Fortune 500 company. And that I would be center stage... Made possible by @wholefoods @airbnb #daretodream Looking forward to see you there!  #foodstory #refugees #vietnam #oakland #food