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A micro volunteering portal that promotes and facilitates civic engagement in volunteering, in and around our city.

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A young group of volunteers fm "Why Not Theatre Society" teach some young friends the art of mime; what ensued was a burst of creativity and expressions .. best way to beat this Chennai heat! Thank U Vishwa, they loved it! #chennaivolunteers #volunteermatters
Teaching craft skills & dance moves to young girls, are Madhulika, Aparna, & some brave male volunteers!Hats off to the energetic youth who have made volunteering an integral part of their life 👍 #chennaivolunteers #youngvolunteers #volunteermatters #summercampforchamps
Our young volunteer led a session for our young friends on the importance of learning, by reflecting on our emotions and memories through a journey of self discovery ..." The story of you " #chennaivolunteers #summercampforchamps  #volunteermatters
Come summer and it's a lot of fun in a Chennai Volunteer's life. Before we plan our holiday getaways, we sit and plan how we can make this summer more special for those who cannot have a break at all! 
CV summer camps are a fun way to volunteer and make a difference. This time, we are organising summer camps at 8 NGOs and homes for kids .. more volunteering and fun 👍
#chennaivolunteers #summercampforchamps #beattheheatinstyle
Another ‘first-time-ever’ experience for Chennai Volunteers! When an author writes about being a Chennai Volunteer in her bio section! Thank you Nithya Rajagopal ... we are proud to be part of your life and wish you the very best 👍🏻
Work hard, volunteer, stay happy.... repeat! ##corporatevolunteers #education #chennaivolunteers #volunteermatters
Balancing our work life pressure by tending to tender animals at our favourite animal shelter  on Saturday.
#chennaivolunteers #bluecross #animalwelfare
When all of us went blue in support of World Autism Day at Mecheri Centre, on April 2nd.
Volunteers engage with animals @ Blue Cross. A weekend morning spent smiling and having fun, while tending to our loyal friends.  #chennaivolunteers #animalwelfare #bluecrossofindia
What it takes to create volunteer programmes with impact?  It takes a group of earnest volunteers with dreams in their eyes, a group of NGOs who guide them on how they can make an impact and a facilitator who creates a structure to make this match & equips them with the right set of tools. 
Fingers crossed as we launch another set of Chennai Volunteers 👍 
#chennaivolunteers  #studentvolunteers  #volunteermatters
Team CV announces the launch of our new look and updated portal. Enjoy exploring volunteering opportunities and make a difference. Log onto for more details. 
#chennaivolunteers #volunteermatters
At the second pop up of Karma Store at Banyan Mens Shelter.... more things in our free store, more needy & homeless people to claim them, more stakeholders, more compassion, pure joy and gratitude!

#chennaivolunteers #karma store #homelessarenotneedless #welivetogive #volunteermatters