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9 countries, 4 months.
Total damage: $9,500
Total reward: Priceless

2017 might look like an eventful year for me. Well, yes it was. But behind all the glamour of travelling, I was faced with so many mental struggles; one of them being the insecurities from straying away from the norm.

However, I have never regretted the decision I made a year ago to give myself 1 year to think through what I want in life. While this 1 year is expiring in 2 months time and I have to ease into the hustle, I just pray for good health and to always stay curious in 2018. 沽

#2018 #lastminutecheong #pokliao

Personal highlight (pic seq):
Cayoneering at Cebu - Skydiving at Aus - Farming at Japan - Hiking at Taiwan - Gokart at Msia - Olle at Jeju - more Hiking at HK - Eat till BB at Thai - Live on Board at Komodo Island.
220km/ 422km of Jeju Olle Trail 笨

The past 18 days brought me to countless oreums, peaceful gotjawal forests walk, vast fields, spectacular seaview, and many many more.

Did not manage to complete the whole trail because I overestimated my abilities and underestimated the weather泗, but still am plentiful proud of myself and super glad that I did not surrender to the fear of uncertainty. 沽

#ilovejeju #liberation #jejuolle #lastminutecheong #icheongforadventure - captioncredittomybelovedauntieping
A part-time otaku's "off day" to Pulau Ubin.
Goodbye Tokyo, goodbye 譌・譛ャ蟶蜩・s, goodbye home for the past 1+ month. I'll be back soon 沽

Next up, TW! Made a last-minute decision to skip the last Japan WWOOF and to stop by my all-time favourite foreign country to chill instead. 沽

#lastminutecheong #ilovejapan #somanyhunsumguysinjapan
Solo overnight bullet climb Mt. Fuji, done! #sorrymom #sorrydad #butheyimfine 
Although it was a solo hike, it wasn't really so. It's the climbing season now and I was never alone. 沽

Reached the summit 10 mins before sunrise and holyshit, the view was worth every pre-hike nerves, aches, and sweat.

And knowing that Mt. Fuji is well known for its unpredictable weather, how can I not praise the lord for the great weather and mesmerising sunrise view 泗沽會泗 #lastminutecheong #iwontdothistwicethough #causeimawiseman
Spent the past 1 month in the Kansai region exploring and WWOOFing with 2 different hosts' fam - allowing me to experience farming, DIY indigo dyeing, and most importantly, Japanese culture. 
Many life-long lessons learned and memories made. Although goodbyes are hard 沽「, I'm all ready for the next adventure in Kanto region! 
#螂ス闊堺ク榊セ #demo #letsgetit #lastminutecheong #ilubyoukansai
Day out to Osaka castle for a much much needed rest day away from farming. 
Have always wanted to try being a farmer, but the grass is never greener on the other side. My back is aching really, very, jinjja, hontoni, 逵溽噪 bad. Big hats off to all the farmers out there, especially to ours who does organic farming. 泗

#theviewhereisphenomenal #freshmountainwater #iloveishiyamasan #lastminutecheong
霑呎弍謌台ココ逕滉クュ譛 arduous 逧 hike. Not because of the terrain or the distance, but because of countless detours and helpless direction sense. 
Thinking about it now, how I almost gave up but decided to try just one more route and thank-the-lord I found the way and made it to the top.. feels like #life.

Oh and well the view at the top was disappointing (No, the first pic is at midway point. Scroll to the last). Sounds like #life too.沽 #iwontgiveup #lastminutecheong
"Every terrain explored, mapped, settled"

It's time to leave Auz 沽「
Had so many first-time experience here, from skydiving w a god-sent rainbow ring, to exploring different terrains, to stepping out of my comfort zone (cause life only begins from there right) and even going for a spontaneous-super-curl. 
Yo Auz (especially Sydney), you were awesome. I love you 泗

#MYwanderlogue #liberation #lastminutecheong

P.s. time to work hard for our next big trip.
"No dream is ever too big"

Day 11: Saw this earlier while we were otw back to our accomm! Ok, maybe just wout the excessive stars and near to impossible rainbow (it was just to realize my fantasy 泗)
But.. even wout any filter or editing (scroll left), the sunsets here are crazy beautiful. Got to soak it all in before we return to reality soon. 
#諤惹ケ域牛諤惹ケ育セ #MYwanderlogue #lastminutecheong
Me: Eh why like not taking one?
Auntie Ping: *hehehe* Idk ley
Taitai's PA: *charisma zui zui* can one
TaiTai: #messyhairdontcare #causestillglam

A zero-budget photoshoot w a tripod, candidness, and most imptly, ma crew 笶、
My heroes and heroine 笶、