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Casual dates out with the family car under the reliable hands of @autoworldcare. Opened daily, this huge one-stop car workshop has everything you need from a car service centre 鈥 an air-conditioned lounge, coffee and snacks, indoor observation CCTVs, free WiFi, great staff service, computer usage and even Netflix?! All at competitive prices under one roof! Car servicing never came as convenient as this. 馃槈 #endorsed #yourcarourcare #autoworldcare
Countryside wonders, 馃彏馃尶 #cheowgoesjapan #cheowtravels
Just two kids trying to look cool in front of the camera VS. reality. 馃う鈥嶁檧锔 Happy birthday, @razisismail 鈥 now you're as young as me! Please continue to educate me with your life morals and refrain from having too many aunty telepathy moments. 馃檮鉁嬶笍 #imdone
Starting to miss my long hair while flipping through these photos. 馃檴 @artistryhairsg is currently having a 1-for-1 Signature Dyna Argan Oil treatment, perfect for soothing frizzy strands back to its soft, shiny state. Don't miss out! You can also mention my name for up to 30% off hair services 鈥 must find @eleinchong ok, she's honestly one of the best! P.S. (Selamat Hari Raya Haji!) #cheowtravels #cheowgoesjapan
Some days, all you want to do is snuggle in bed with your favourite Spotify playlist and count your blessings. 鉁煡 #cheowtravels
Is it new MV: @wingdingfam ft. timo-can't-dance-fo-nuts? 馃し鈥嶁檧锔 Got laughed at being a cheerleader (hello bcos I'm cute?) and perspired like crazy but it was so worth all the fun we had! Can't wait for @rpprods to work his (24 karat) magic. 馃憛鉁 Photo by: @richardprayoga
Current favourite scents from @sundayscents after a warm bath: fruity and refreshing! Trying out Singapore's first and only perfume subscription service that rebottles genuine designer fragrances into little atomisers that are super convenient to bring around.
At only $23.90 a month, subscribers can try 6 months of different perfumes at the same cost of one perfume bottle. Now you can wear a variety of new fragrances to complete any outfit you desire! :) #hypeandseeksg #sundayscents #hypeandseeksupportslocal
"Eh help me take! Omg I suddenly very happy?!" 鈥 Me 80% of the time, on board @amazinglovepyc. Second visit to Sabah, but this beautiful city still holds so many new experiences I've yet to discover! #aboutsabah #sabahtourism #cheowtravels @airasia
Breakfast with a view. I could get used to this. 馃檴馃 @suteraofficial #aboutsabah #cheowtravels (My OCD also wished I brought my DSLR.)
"Getting engaged already?!" Haha, y'all so cute! Not getting married that soon, but @weimin_ and I went for an early consultation at Love & Co. to find out more on planning for our next stage.
So excited bc it was my first time being introduced to solitaires and wedding bands 鈥 I didn't know each ring held their own meaning! My consultant, Trini, was very patient, explaining everything to me in great detail. They'll also send over a report of the rings you've tried on after consultation, which is great as we'll have a reference to the rings we're interested in :)
If you're planning to embark on your next phase of life soon, do head to @loveandcoofficial and find out about what they have to offer! Rest assured bc they will definitely be with you through your love journey. 馃槈 #endorsed #LoveandCo #LoveandCoJourney
Taking my camera to new places to fall in love 鈽猴笍 But saving always comes first before traveling, so I've decided to clear my preloved clothes to save up more! I'll be at @citysquaremall for a bazaar with other guest bloggers from 11th to 13th Aug, 11am to 9pm, so hop on over to check out our items 鈥 with 30 other stores to shop from too! Thanks @makerssingapore for organising this event! X #cheowgoesjapan #cheowtravels