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Just by looking at this and all the tiny versions of you from all your past birthdays, I couldn't help but think how far we've come to try and be the best for you, and to your Ate and Kal. Thank you so much for making us a better version of ourselves. Know that in every moment on your walk of journey, we are always here for you.

When you visit this memory and look back, I hope you feel how significant you are in our lives the way we make you feel everyday! Me and Daddy love you so much and we pray that you will be the person God created you to be!

Happy Birthday to you my dear! Our rainbow..our prince!♥ #caydeerrific
One week to go before this little man's birthday and here I am again ranting how time goes so quickly. I realize how amazing to grow around him as he become more "malambing" to everyone even sometimes he got an emotional spiral and his mood swings are part of my daily life. Just loving every precious moment with this kiddo because it's not going to be forever that I have to experience them being the littlest persons they've ever become. So yeah! I'm not going to freak out! I'm not!😭 #caydeerrific
I may have receive this a bit late but I really appreciate @kelsiestelting for sending me this Christmas post card from her and her husband.💟 Thank you so much! You're amazing and I can't thank you enough for the effort you have put through, sending this all the way here from the US. I'll be sending you a quick email afterwards.
I am actually quite busy spending my time with my kids that now when I look back over the past years, I almost can't believe that they have grown so much.

Now this bee flew anywhere, seeking adventures and I am here getting emotional on Valentines day because the momma blues won't stay away. #kalebrave
Can everyday be #CoHoHolidays?
Why do you have to get so big everytime I took a photo of you? You seems to get taller and I haven't even realized. My Chabelita! You always make momma cry! (Only the good ones, mind you.😉) #amedeendearing
Does it spooky enough not to eat them? LOL!
I remember after I gave birth to Kal and went home from the hospital, we've seen Cayden's excitement to play with his brother. He's always around to kiss Kal wishing maybe he could walk so they can play—clueless and innocent to care enough how fragile his little brother still.

And we know, they've been best buds ever since. #caydeerrific #kalebrave
December is far approaching but still it feels like summer.
Wise up to smoothe up! And why I'm just meeting the dragon fruit fairy now? #Karlitafoodways