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Can everyday be #CoHoHolidays?
Why do you have to get so big everytime I took a photo of you? You seems to get taller and I haven't even realized. My Chabelita! You always make momma cry! (Only the good ones, mind you.😉) #amedeendearing
Does it spooky enough not to eat them? LOL!
I remember after I gave birth to Kal and went home from the hospital, we've seen Cayden's excitement to play with his brother. He's always around to kiss Kal wishing maybe he could walk so they can play—clueless and innocent to care enough how fragile his little brother still.

And we know, they've been best buds ever since. #caydeerrific #kalebrave
December is far approaching but still it feels like summer.
Wise up to smoothe up! And why I'm just meeting the dragon fruit fairy now? #Karlitafoodways
I was inspired to make this mini pavlova for @isabella_may_author debut novel Oh! What A Pavlova which btw is available on both Kindle and Paperback at Amazon US/UK.

My first attempt was not that bad or not that great either but it was a takeaway that I was able to pull it off. The kids love munching on the meringue biscuits while I was too busy whipping up the cream and putting the fruits on top for the rest of the remaining batch. #Karlitafoodways
I feel the sun with these two in this gloomy, rainy day! #amedeendearing #kalebrave
I'll ditch every store bought ice cream for this. Sorbetes or 'dirty ice cream' — traditionally made just in the Philippines. I remember when I was a kid, we either put it on a bread bun or wafer cone.

Maybe finding this being a bit weird, from Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern to Surfing the Menu by Dan and Hayden, for me this will always be a classic. #Karlitafoodways #DMFoodSeries
You want to be free,
doing anything you please.
climbing the highest peak
for everyone to see.

You want to be free
get hold of things
putting your own perspective
with anything but ease.

You want to be free
let go of my grip
to catch the world—
wondering, I did agree.

You want to break free
I will let you, I won't stop you.
But I will never tail away
'til you can get your own cup of tea.
— Break Free, Karlita
Caught this guy stuffing a whole round of pancake in to his mouth. And he never even blinked when I told him to stop cause he might choke himself. If I should know what was he thinking, I'm sure he doesn't care. It's pretty obvious written all over his face.

I think I'll make him join a 'Chubby Bunny' (marshmallow stuffing) contest. If there's anything like that, I think he's fit to win. LOL! #caydeerrific