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Hang in there... You're a brave, strong person! I know for sure, you are! So keep that in mind and never give up! #caydeerrific
I think she misses #summer.🌞🏖️ #amedeendearing
Luke 21:33 #Shereadstruth
I miss the sun now that it's been raining for almost a week now. I would love to use these colorful hanging umbrellas and I wished I had gotten one when I saw them at the hotel. As if...
Sea shells.. see shells?🐚
He reminds me of an emoji but couldn't point out what.. What was his problem anyway? LOL! #kalebrave
First week of classes done and she thought everyday is a school day. She even woke up early on a weekend. I think besides learning, she's really looking forward to see her new friends.
We're all been in a new phase and adjustment. Though I mostly miss her, I'm so thrilled that this little girl is enjoying school so far. #amedeendearing
They're both different in so many ways but I know Kaleb picks his little quirks from his big brother. There's always someone between them who plays the role of a wingman, much more like Sam and Dean or Batman and Robin perhaps? Anyway, Cayden did a great job looking after his little brother since Ate is already going to school.
We're so proud how they're all looking out for each other. Both their dad and I always tell not to set any expectations from our kids and that's why we learn how to appreciate even the simplest things they do that no one can, except us, their parents. #caydeerrific #kalebrave
Sometimes, I dream living by the beach where you can smell the salt water in the air and getting so much sun every morning. I truly love this place!
Once both your feet are planted on the ocean's sand, it's hard to get back to reality.
Philippians 4:6 #Shereadstruth
Hubby found this resort hotel for a last leg of summer vacation before the school year finally starts and the place is really amazing! We'll definitely come back for sure. @elpescadorofficial
We still remember the day we first saw you, that  moment you made us realize that you're a heaven's gift that will change our lives forever.
We've always been telling this time and time again, but time just seems to fly so quickly and we thank you for always just being yourself—a sweet, selfless and loving daughter. We've already been battling from having separation anxiety and getting really emotional as it is your first day of school tomorrow. But given that you've grown so much from a munchkin to a little young lady, there's not a day that passed by, you never said the words 'I love you' or give us the sweetest hugs or kisses, and we will forever treasure that. Know that our love for you will always be constant and we will always be here every step of the way. Me, Daddy, Cayden and Kaleb are so blessed to have you! We love you baby girl. Happiest birthday anak!❤️ #amedeendearing