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Bromo selalu punya cerita sendiri.
Sometimes.. be on point doesn’t matter
20 years i know the world, i got so many lessons, especially about life.
Ever, i got to a point where i feel lost, all i do is just silence, i don’t know why, just want to be quiet and silent. Then comes instantly, many questions related to the future.
What is this called process? The process of seeking identity? I don’t even know what i feel, others feel or not!
But, i believe everyone ever fall silent, don’t know what to do. Just stuck. And what is thought of is the future.
20, two numbers that i think are amazing. Why? Because i never imagined going to the time i am now. Hard to believe but it’s real.
Honestly, until now i am still not sure of myself but... i’ll do my best insyallah
And thankyou so much for your kind prayers 🖤
🤔 vs 🙂
Sandals on point