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‘sun’ always the best lighting.
When the background color matches your outfit.. definition of happiness as simple as that
Bromo selalu punya cerita sendiri.
Sometimes.. be on point doesn’t matter
20 years i know the world, i got so many lessons, especially about life.
Ever, i got to a point where i feel lost, all i do is just silence, i don’t know why, just want to be quiet and silent. Then comes instantly, many questions related to the future.
What is this called process? The process of seeking identity? I don’t even know what i feel, others feel or not!
But, i believe everyone ever fall silent, don’t know what to do. Just stuck. And what is thought of is the future.
20, two numbers that i think are amazing. Why? Because i never imagined going to the time i am now. Hard to believe but it’s real.
Honestly, until now i am still not sure of myself but... i’ll do my best insyallah
And thankyou so much for your kind prayers 🖤