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Making progress on this kitchen finally tlh
If u own an GE oven and don't think it cooks to hot or not hot enough then look at the second picture I found that hidden in there web site , u will need an oven thermometer that u can get from many stored around u hang it in the middle of your oven and turn your oven on bake and 500 degrees let it preheat per the temp on the control board then open the oven and look at your new thermometer if u aren't 500 degrees on that then u have to adjust it up or down per the instructions it takes a few times to get it right but if your baking turkeys and what ever else this holiday season and want to have your meats ect cooked perfect it's well worth the time to calibrate it
Rice wanted me to just replace the 6 radiants so I suggested I do something that is an upgrade and make this grill a true grill that cook better and make nicer grill marks and flavor I tuned to perfect made all pilots work again and if I do say it came out perfect but I already knew it would 😊
This half size toastmaster eletric convection was three phase , being that it's three phase I had to use a sequence tester to make sure I installed the new power cord correctly for multiple reasons. I also installed I new socket so I knew it was safe and done right
second drain completed at Rice in Brown college servery today and after one failed atemp i sat back and came up with this configuration that nailed it , now on the the next one 😊
This steam table was a bitnof a challenge in a couple of ways who ever attempted to work on it stripped it of parts which made it dificult to fit new parts in it , 1 of the thermostats and heating elements i had to retro fit , the most challenging was figuring out the wiring mess that the person that took the parts of did to it to make it work half ass........ so i rewired it installed the new element and thermostat with indicator light and made all 4 inserts work again
today i decided to work on this Hobart mixer after taking the panels off to trace electrical issues i found the culprit no continuity with the common wire to the plug so i changed the power supply cord and clean all connection point on the machine put it back together and it works again taking it to my client now they will be pkease
as usual the oven doesn't have a ID plate anywhere on it and not a schematic on any panel so these jobs are always fun , oh it looks to be a 3 phase 😤 , which normally no big deal but wiring things in the blind never ends up well ..... so this fix is on hold until i do some research it
this is a flat top i rebuilt at Rice university instead of just rebuilding one side that was out i did botr pilot safety valves and thermocouples to make sure it stays up for a long time , and kep other 1 good part it had for another day
for people that see this condenser coil i would like to say this , before u let a coil get this filthy and clogged which makes your compressor run hot and burns up prematurely and then u have to call someone like me to come charge u 6 or 700 dollars to replace the burned out unit , take a soft wire and brush the sweater off it get some degreaser and very hot water and gently clean it so the fan is actually pulling air through it so that is can do its job and save your compressor , its just good practice...... or call me and i will pm the machine for u at a lower cost
This is a old garland French top that had an oven that was quite right so I took the old gas valve out and installed a new one I also put a new knob on it with number so I can calibrate , Nobies resturant has great chefs and I enjoy keeping there equipment as tuned as best they can be to continue to  serve great food
This was a task at a university I started working with , this is a food warmer insert pan that was leaking on a long line of them and in a perfect world this pan would be removable and I could take it off and take it off site and tig weld it to fix the leak so I came up with this idea to replace the drain and plumbing it back it to the main drain line , sounds simple right ? Well finding a 3/4 drain replacements aren't easy to find and finding a gasket to take the heat of the heating element that averages 235 degree f , which I did but had to buy two separate parts and combine the best parts togther and then rebraised new copper fitting and tubing to fit the main copper drainage line ..... anyway it's fixed 😊 after showing the director of the kitchen I fix it he showed me another one that's doing the same thing and it's in a more cumbersome position to fix and walked off , like now keep going dude lol