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In your stereo for #MalokoWithChito @kiss100kenya it's lit yo! Join me for a special Mashujaa Kenya Most Wanted!
#iamGodsGlory #TheGoldenVoice #ChitosArmt
😂😂😂😂 even Mbugua jumped on this...
Tonight's plan lays before you...Before you go to kula nyamchom go and praise God and thank him for your goodness for just one second...
We can't deny sometimes we just feel crappy, you feel like what you are going through is the worst thing ever. But instead of mopping around, learn to borrow joy from you future.

How do you do this? Visualize a happier time of your life, that thing worrying you right now in 3 months will be no more. You won't even care about it. Think of a happy time to come and use that energy to put a smile on your face.
Don't always wait for someone to make you happy. Sometimes you just gotta borrow that joy from the future and make you smile... #ChitosArmy #TheGoldenVoice #iamGodsGlory
In your stereo right now for #MalokoWithChito @kiss100kenya Issa Wednesday yo! That means pure awesomeness
#ChitosArmy #TheGoldenVoice #iamGodsGlory
Sometimes we think we know it all but life experiences will teach you to shut up and listen. After you have learnt you will never want to do the same things as you did before.
God will show you things about you that will change you instantly. Because when the word of God meets destiny men transform completely.
Stop trying to solve a problem with the same solution, you have been here before it didn't work out, so clearly your method has failed.
Learn to let Gods experiences teach you a few things. 
We think because we can google anything, we know it all no we don't!
Experience shows you the practicality of your theory. Do not despise being taught. Even if you know what you are being told SHUT UP! 😶And LISTEN👂🏾.
There is always new perspective, once you drink from the well of wisdom you will never want to be stupid again.
#iamGodsGlory #TheGoldenVoice #ChitosArmy
Hanging out with @ambasamandela on #MalokoWithChito 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Photo courtesy of @osman_ngunyi
Let's get this party started! @kiss100kenya #MalokowithChito
Tonight I spend time with Mandela it's going to be worth it join me @kiss100kenya for #MalokoWithChito 
#ChitosArmy #iamGodsGlory #TheGoldenVoice
You don't have to flaunt it for us to know you got it. Real recognize real.
All some of us do is just show off what we got on, yet in your head there is nothing but floating fish.
Learn to enhance your mind too, exercise that brain and expand it. A man whose mind has been stretched is never the same because he can conquer new heights. 
We live in an era where people show alot, even what they don't have.
Fake till you make it is a beautiful policy that if overused leaves you in a life that's a total lie.
Don't foolish it till you make it. Learn to share some intellectual moments too. There must be something in your head of value to the rest of us. It's important to celebrate your success, buy all the things you want to and, enjoy them but remember, it's not all about what material you got it's also about what's coming out of your medulla oblongata.
#TheGoldenVoice #ChitosArmy #iamGodsGlory
Was fun hanging out with @officialkipsang mad fun...
Tonight I am hanging out with @officialkipsang on #MalokoWithChito join us for some mega moments...