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Green MP based in Auckland Central. Another bloody millennial on the social medias 🥑 Authorised by Gwen Shaw, Lvl 2, 17 Garrett St, WLG

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It me (philosophy dork, on film, behind the scenes of our freshly pressed explainer video on Select Committees now on FB) 📸 @tonnes_tim
Small people are so smart 📸: @tonnes_tim
The coolest time giving the super cool Ava (12 year old aficionado on women’s suffrage) a tour of Parliament and her own copy of the weird and wonderful Speaker’s Rulings 📸 @tonnes_tim
Finally got to meet @kiritapu_allan & Natalie’s beautiful pēpi, Hiwa-i-te-rangi, the youngest star of Matariki 💚❤️ 📸: @tonnes_tim
I want to introduce you to Tim, and thought there'd be no better way to do so than with a people-pondering-in-the-office stockphoto. We first met in the middle of the campaign trail, and as of Monday, he became my EA.

In Parliament, an EA's job is to research, manage communications, and keep their MP sane (it's a funny thing when you realise you've become too busy to manage your own life and book hair cuts). I wanted to let you all know about him, because he's working furiously away behind the scenes basically just to make me look like I've got it together - as all EAs do for their MPs.

If you flick me an email, you're likely to touch base with him if I'm not immediately available. He takes pretty much all of the beaut photos (i.e. the ones not taken on a phone) that you see on my social media. He rides a motorbike (once took me to the airport on it, and I'm pleased to report I didn't die), and he's an all round good human. Thanks for taking the job, Tim.
Pēpi, puppers and the people of Wellington on Parly Lawn. Here's to the next few years of breaking down walls and building bridges w the @nzgreenparty 📸: @tonnes_tim, my freshly pressed juggernaut EA
Today on the way to serious business, Golriz and I stumbled upon the much mythologised billiards room, and found we are utterly terrible at billiards 📸: @tonnes_tim
My campaign team is the best of all time, a short story as documented by @tonnes_tim ft me being far too hungry for @leroybeckett's cooking
How's that for a dystopian postcard? 📸: @tonnes_tim
What a campaign. Thank you to everyone who opened their door or answered their phone to an incredible Green Party volunteer. Thank you to the thousands of Green volunteers who spent thousands of hours doorknocking and phonecalling over 140,000 voters across our beautiful country. Thank you to the immense number of phenomenal Green candidates and MPs who we fought this campaign with.

Thank you to my misfit team of a dozen odd ridiculously brilliant 'digital native' millennial types, who I'm impossibly proud to have spent the past few months campaigning my guts out with.

We left it all on the battlefield. And the dust is yet to settle.

I'm humbled beyond belief to become a Green MP, fighting for our people and our planet. The special votes I'm certain will also deliver my friend Golriz Ghahraman to caucus, where we'll be lean and mean and ensure Green issues remain on the agenda, leading political discourse in Aotearoa.

We stand on the shoulders of giants. Those who fought for MMP; those who were outcast as 'hippies' for speaking about Green solutions that in decades since have become in vogue; to Metiria Turei, Denise Roche, Barry Coates, and Mojo Mathers, who are eternal inspirations for their inimitable contribution and mahi.

Thank you all. We're just getting started.
Come gig! The one and only @baileywiley + JessB + Bron-$un + Super Rad Babes DJs
✅ 8pm tonight, Kings Arms, koha entry ✅ Green ~party~