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*Read ahead for a fabulous offer* ✨✨Although it is warm during Christmas in Australia, I still love to find ways to make it feel cozy, whether it be some candles, fairy lights, or these stunning mini trays from @thetrayshop ! Handcrafted in Sweden (arguably the most Christmassy of places with the snow and all) using certified Scandinavian birch wood, they are just gorgeous to have around/ to give as a pretty gift! I am using them for my jewellery and skincare at the moment. These beauties are designed by the talented Ingela Backman. 
You, my dear followers, can receive a free gift from the Tray Shop valued at $49 when you spend $130, using the code http://bit.ly/2nVMjYf ✨ this is available until the 28th Feb with a max of 1 per customer 🌟 I’ll be showing you how I currently use my trays on my story ✨

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Having some fun in the sun 🌼🌼🌼
In this hot dry South Aussie summer weather, my skin often feels really cracked and dry. My solution: Palmer’s Coconut Oil Formula Body Lotion + Hand Cream ✨ I am a huge fan of all things coconut scented 🌴 and so naturally I love the smell of these beautiful creams. However, they don’t only smell good, they really make my skin feel nice, smooth and hydrated! It is also free of nasties which is great for me as I’m always conscious about what I’m putting on my body! 
The hand cream is also small enough to fit in my bag - or a stocking stuffer for a gift ✨🎄❤️ @palmers_aus #palmerscoconutbeauty #palmerscoconutoil #thenatureofyou #CoconutBeautyExperts #ad #flatlay #flatlayforever #christmasdecor #decoration #handcream #stockingstuffer #skincare #smoothskin
It was 36 degrees today in Adelaide and it definitely feels like it ✨ In weather like this I’ll generally get in any sort of liquidous substance I possibly can, or stay inside with the aircon! If I am venturing out, it’ll be to the beach 🏖 Which I will be doing this evening; hot days make for beautiful sunsets and gorgeous nights 🌙🌟
No filters ❤️ Beautiful days make for beautiful sunsets ✨ This week has been quite busy for me, getting back from Canberra and meeting up with some lovely people that I haven’t seen for a while! I’ve been working a lot too; and will be more so coming up to the Christmas break. So, it’s nice to just chill out tonight and watch some Vikings. Has anyone else seen this show? It’s good so far; very intense but fun to watch from a historical and linguistic perspective as well 🌙
Christmas is my absolute favourite time ✨🎄❤️ I love seeing the festivities, the decorations and the joy! So naturally, I adore all of the pretty Christmas trees up around @rundlemall and I had to take a picture with this pretty one 🌟 My own house is looking (and smelling) pretty Christmassy too, with my gingerbread candle and my Christmas tree; I just love it! I’ve been watching Christmas movies with my family too and we will be doing some cooking in the coming weeks.

What do you enjoy about the Christmas season?
Do you like wearing watches? I absolutely adore wearing my new rose gold @klasse14 watch 😍 It is so classy and goes really well with all my outfits! I love wearing watches, I think it looks really vintage and it is always handy to have the time right there on your wrist- nothing like that to make sure that you’re on time for things! 
Use the discount code “chloesvoyage” at the checkout for 12% off! *gifted
Every time I go to the @twobitvillains cafe in @rundlemall I love to look at the beautiful big window through which rays of sunlight stream ☀️ I love our beautiful city of Adelaide so much; we have so many little things around to appreciate ✨
Today is my last day in the capital city ✨🌙 Here is a picture of me yesterday at the War Memorial Museum. It was such an eye-opening and humbling experience; I think it is important to know about our history and the hardships our predecessors have been through. I learnt a lot but this place is so big that I’ll have to come back another time to learn more! 
Also Canberra has such varying weather that I’ve often been getting around in a @moddollyfashion dress because they are so versatile with that kind of thing - plus they’re pretty!! P.S. in this picture I was standing in the rain!! Have you stood in the rain for the ‘gram? Haha 😋
I am finishing up my week here at the ANU Linguistics summer school in Canberra and I have had such an amazing time (disclaimer: this pic is near the Uni in ADL because atm I look slightly worse for wear after a v tiring semester!) !! I have learnt so much in a small amount of time and I feel so grateful for everyone I have met ✨ I know that I am definitely so interested in linguistics and I love discussing languages with others who share my passion! 🌙 Now for exploring Canberra a little bit! 
Any recommendations?
Beautiful green foliage from the rainforest area of the Canberra Botanic Gardens 🌿🍃 We got to go there today as an optional activity after our morning sessions at the summer school, and it was fun to take a bit of a break in the fresh air + learn a little bit about native plants + flowers. This week has been incredibly interesting and insightful so far, and I am so grateful for this experience! •••
Me being the classique bean that I am at the @bloggersunitedau event - super grateful for all that I learnt there! Can’t wait to put it into practice after my summer school in Canberra - speaking of which, I’m in Canberra!! ✈️✈️ Excited to be here and start discovering everything ❤️❤️ I’ll be learning a lot this week + I’m so keen to get started!