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Operation was a success today... it’s insane to think this accident could easily have messed up my whole career! 😮😵♥️♠️♦️♣️ I was petrified (as I mentioned!) but I showed the nurses then all of the surgeons a few tricks before the op to let them know I need my hands and arms! Weird performing in an operating theatre instead of a normal theatre! Even did a few tricks after the op too!! I didn’t hit nerves or tendons or muscles, just a deep cut to the bone. I’ve been VERY lucky. 
Once I got the anaesthetic I didn’t feel a thing, I’m all cut and sewn and sorted - it hasn’t worn off yet so hopefully it won’t be too sore tomorrow! 
I tell you what mind, all the nurses and surgeons at the RVI were spot on. Couldn’t fault them at all. 
Thanks for all of your messages!!! 👍🏻🤕😁
Don’t push a glass door open. Lesson learnt. It’s a Deep cut, apparently.
I haven’t looked... I hate anything like this... Home now but back in the morning... I Might have to go to theatre tomorrow... I don’t think it’s the kind of theatre I’m used to though... I’ve never had an operation or anaesthetic before, let’s hope I’ll not need an op! 
Sad story. 🙁😢
Taken at Europe’s Biggest Travelling Funfair on The Town Moor @thehoppings18
Performing at @hortongrangehotel hotel yesterday. Check out my lovely vintage @globe_trotter1897 😁👍🏻
Backstage at gig number 3 tonight at Majestic Theatre Darlington. Lovely place.
Time for today’s gigs... @south_causey_inn then @hortongrangehotel then @majestictheatredarlington opening night! See you all soon 👍🏻♥️♠️♦️♣️
Rock & Roll Hall of Famer and lead singer of The Animals & WAR... Geordie Legend ERIC BURDON! Pleasure working with him once again last week.
Backstage Magic for Rock & Roll Legend @officialericburdon at The equally legendary @newcastlecityhall last night. Top man.
@danielcox1981 Backstage at the @newcastlecityhall last night
TONIGHT See my Show at 7:30-8:30 & 9:30-10:30pm at The @mighty_dub_fest
Picnic time in Northumberland! #nofilter
Early start tomorrow to get to INVERURIE for Aberdeen’s Taste of Grampian Festival gigs!