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Did you know that Chrissy runs a #mentalhealth project outside of the show with the help of resident parenting coach @sharonnatflair Follow @mhdchallenge to find out more!
When #Change Causes #Anxiety - They say change is good, but what if even a seemingly good change causes problems? Here's a show you can't miss!  Click in bio above 👆👆👆 or here’s the link - @draudreyt @helena.chard @fionaseigneur
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Great morning spent at #littlehadamprimaryschool for the #mhdchallengetour @sharonnatflair
Often a #change in someone’s life causes #anxiety even if that change is a positive one. Tune in at 10pm to find out how to best prepare for change and deal with it when it comes.
It’s tomorrow everyone 🙌 #march #marchagainstknifecrime @lifesworthlivinguk @officialvyg
A cluttered workspace can lead to a cluttered mind and low productivity. Here expert Sally Walford gives students some great tips. Coming soon on Sky 191.
#KnifeCrime - Why is it on the rise and what can we do to solve this epidemic? 
Chrissy speaks to two young guests, Ife Davies, who carried a knife for protection and Mark Higgins who was stabbed 5 times and lives to tell the tale. She also speaks to Ade Titilawo who runs the biggest youth group in the UK @officialvyg who explains why he has organised a march against knife crime taking place on Saturday which already has over 1500 people signed up, including friends and relatives of victims. Check out the Facebook page LifesworthlivingUK for details. The link to the show is in the bio above 👆👆👆 or visit our YouTube page Chrissy B Show #stopknifecrime
Join us tonight at 10pm Sky 191 where we discuss #knifecrime - causes & cures. With a powerful story of a young man heavily involved in this lifestyle who was stabbed 5 times. Unmissable!
Watch our latest show on the Placebo Effect - Click link in bio 👆👆👆We delve into this interesting & sometimes controversial topic. How does the #PlaceboEffect influence your physical & #mentalhealth Also on this show - What do you do if your child doesn't eat? Create something, they WILL eat, just like amazing mum Alesssandra did, who not only founded @nonococoauk (selling delicious natural #superhealthy #chocolates and #truffles which Chrissy couldn’t get enough of), but also created job opportunities for those with #Autism @draudreyt @hannahjoeyrichards @hannahrichardswellness @missmai27 @helena.chard @nonococoauk @annakennedyobe #mentalhealth #allergies #beatdepression
Tonight at 10pm on Sky 191, we explore the #PlaceboEffect and how it can influence a person’s physical and #mentalhealth and Chrissy also interviews the founder of @nonococoauk about her touching journey.
Our show on #narcissisticpersonalitydisorder is now up on YouTube with a real life story showing that being in a relationship with a #Narcissist can be extremely damaging. With great advice from @draudreyt . Also on this show there is news with @helena.chard nutrition advice with @hannahrichardswellness and Chrissy also interviews a young girl who co-wrote a book to educate other children about #Autism Link to show is in bio 👆👆👆 and here: @peterandre @johncaudwell @hiltongatwick @kungfuschools @suziebooks73 @jo_ann_official_uk
We tackle #insomnia on tonight’s show at 10pm and Chrissy interviews @iamlouyy on what it’s like not to be able to sleep. The good news is that this episode offers lots of tips and solutions so join us later on Sky 191.